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    Cam syn-sensor question

    I am replacing the cam syn in my 1999 Mountaineer 5.0 2WD. Some parts stores are asking if it is a non step on plug or a step on plug??????? Also, does any one know the ford part number for the sync? My local ford stealership wants 220 dollars for it and 400 dollars to put it in,,,,,,,,,,Thanks
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    Grinding/rough brakes

    This is not ABS pulse/pedal changes feel like it is metal to metal on all pds....
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    Grinding/rough brakes

    I just developed an interesting problem. My front brakes seem to work fine 90% of the time(replaced last year). But time to time upon hitting the brakes, I get a grind-rough feeling thru the pedal and they dont seem to hold good. But I can let off and pump once or twice and it goes away and is...
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    Lower control arm replacement

    They are (2) worn completley out/worn oblong and sloppy. Looks as if they where never tightened and moved around. Thanks for all the info guidance everyone. Art
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    Lower control arm replacement

    I have a 1999 Mountaineer 5.0 2WD and need to know what is involved with replacing the lower control arms. Done it before on other cars but they did not have torsion bars. ALLDATA says I need specials tools. Any help and guidance would be appreciated.(Hopefully I can keep this a backyard...
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    Question about upper A-frame 99 mountaineer

    Why does my 1999 mountaineer with 2wd and 5.0 have a 1 piece drivers side upper A-frame and a 2 piece upper passenger A-frame? Can I put a 1 piece version in place of the 2 piece? Any help would be appreciated...Art:exp:
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    My Saga continues on my 5.0 Mountaineer

    Update,,,,,,,, :thumbsup::thumbsup:Hooked fuel pressure gauge up and ran it for a day and ran between 62-65 psi under all conditions. Checked MAF with an ohm/volt meter and started with 850 rpm and worked my way up to 3000 and it tested "dead". Ran it disconnected for awhile and ran the same...
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    My Saga continues on my 5.0 Mountaineer

    Fuel pressure is 62 with key on engine off/65 with engine on. No codes in computer. I can re-set the computer by dis-connecting the battery for 30 min and the car seems to run ok for a few miles then it becomes hard to start/idle is erratic at times/no power especially when pulling a light load...
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    1999 5.0 Mountaineer Fuel Pressure

    I have a 1999 Mountaineer and cannot for the life of me, find out what the proper fuel pressure should be. Some say 37-40 psi and some say 65 psi. I have also been told mine may be a returnless system. Any help would be appreaciated.( I am chasing a hard starting and lack of power condition/no...
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    1999 Mountaineer tuner/tune????

    I have a 1999 mountaineer with a 5.0 and 4r70w tranny. Putting an exhaust on it and just had the tranny gone thru. My question is-is there a tuner available to set/tighten up shift and shift points and put a mild tune(one to wake it up a bit)? Looking to get a little more out of it.Talked to man...