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    2 amps 1 sub

    if you want more power, and from the knowledge you seem to have, i highly reccomend just getting one, higher power amp and selling the one you have now
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    Engine dieing at idle, whats wrong?

    I sold a coworker of mine a '93 explorer a few years ago, and she said lately when she is idling it will sometimes die. She directly referred to when she is sitting at a stoplight or something, so im guessing it happens more often when the car is already warm, because she didnt say anything...
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    indo audio

    indoaudio has horrible customer service, let alone their lack of keeping their items information up to date. I've heard countless stories of backorders and people gettin ripped off. if i was you, i would look elsewhere
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    How hard to get in 6.5" midbasses?

    I want to get a set of some 6.5 comp's up front, but i have NO idea how hard it will be to get them in there. Does anyone on here have 6.5's in, and if so how hard was it to get them in there? i dont mind building some MDF baffles or something. fill me in!
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    How many X's are at your work?...

    At work, 2 explorers, mine and then my old 93 that i sold to a coworker for $1000 heh. her car broke down and it was just sittin here so i sold it to her for cheap. Also one ranger. At school, theres tons of explorers, i would say around 10-ish, along with about the same number of rangers...
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    yet another sub question...

    could be either way. look up the model number of the subwoofer and see what it says.
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    01exports before and after

    01's look d@mn good with a lift, nice work
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    Is this enough?

    if your talking all roof, all floor, doors and hatch, i would probably go for more towards 200sq ft. the roof and floor is a lot of area to deaden
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    look what the dealer did to my Explorer!

    woot go ape **** on em about gettin a lawyer and whatnot, then tell them to give you a new explorer. see if you can trade a lawsuit for a new ride instead of dealing with all the lawyer crap ;)
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    3kwatts amps = dead battery?

    just get a better battery, look into optima and kinetik batteries. I personally prefer kinetik. also, a cheap and easy mod is the "big 3". cost me about $50 to do, and thats at like circuit city prices and not internet prices. Its a pretty easy mod, and helps a ton...
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    New install, 2 15" Type-R's, XX-Hercules, 8cubes@33hz

    i wish :( . not sure of anywhere near that may have one. Maybe i'll ask the guys down at the local shop if they know of a place when i pick up my x from gettin the alarm system in.
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    New install, 2 15" Type-R's, XX-Hercules, 8cubes@33hz

    sorry for the blurryness, just camera phone pics
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    New install, 2 15" Type-R's, XX-Hercules, 8cubes@33hz

    a couple, not many though :rolleyes: I thought i did pretty decent for my first build tho. Had the help of my cousin also, who doesnt know crap about car audio, but always good to have an extra pair of hands hehe my first and only oops on the box:
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    New install, 2 15" Type-R's, XX-Hercules, 8cubes@33hz

    Well finished my install today. only thing i am missing is the end caps for my amplifier, which will come in sometime next week hopefully. Setup: 2 15" dual4 Alpine Type-R's Hifonics XX-Hercules 8cubes @ 33hz box, its two separate 4 cubic foot boxes combined into one Slightly angled mountin...
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    Just Had an Accident

    my cousin wrecked a 94 explorer and gave it to me. Had to replace hood, lights, grill, both fenders, bumper, and had to reweld the big radiator bracket support thing. Between JCwhitney and the junkyard, total fix without paint came to around $350. Turned around and sold it for a grand too.
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    Need a darn good ground for amps. where?

    That helps a lot. thanks. I have a 1/0ga ground from battery to frame, so i guess i'll just run another ground from chassis to frame.
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    Need a darn good ground for amps. where?

    like running amp to ground spot on chassis, then running that ground to the body? I got a few extra feet of 1/0ga wire sittin here. Would grounding to the chassis be enough? would running from my chassis ground to the frame benefit?
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    Need a darn good ground for amps. where?

    I want to find a strong ground for my amps. I have a hifonics XX-Hercules (2000wRMS @ 1 ohm) and a little alpine 4ch amp (i think 50x4 RMS). Where's a good spot to ground a lot of power? I was going to just drill a hole through the chassis under where the rear seats fold, and just sand and bolt...
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    Best place to run through firewall?

    There is a big ol grommet on my 96 explorer under the drivers side. I think its for steering junk, but i just got a groove into it with a boxknife, and i have 1/0 ga and a 4ga ran through the same spot.
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    Let's See Some Pics of Sub Boxes

    i'll get pics up of the install when my XX-Hercules comes in. Box is 8 cubes @ 33hz. Its pretty much just two boxes of 4 cubes put together into one big box heh.
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    Help needed ASAP! heat/cool guages are HOT

    Well, im installing a new stereo into my X this weekend, so i thought i might as well bring this up while its all torn apart. My air knobs (or whatever you want to call them, the AC/defrost/vents hot/cool ect ect) get REAL hot to the touch, and i am not sure why. Its sometimes to the point of...