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    BLIS Troubleshooting & Wiring Diagram

    I believe it is the radar unit, the thin square device mounted behind the rear wheel behind the side bumper area. Is there another sensor to check?
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    BLIS Troubleshooting & Wiring Diagram

    Hello, My new to me 2013 PIU is giving a Blind Spot and Cross Traffic Fault Errors on startup, which has been happening since I bought it. Forscan told me it is the driver side sensor causing an error, so I tested out the wires that run to it behind the passenger tire bumper well, and it is...
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    2011-2015 Police Utility Forscan Settings

    Is there an option to display the digital Speedometer in the middle screen, under the Trips display I think? My first '13 PIU has a digital speedometer in the center screen as one of the default displays, but I just purchased another '13 PIU and that is not an option at all in any of the menus.
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    Have you checked your PTU fluid level/replaced your fluid?

    I had no luck getting access to the drain plug on a '13 as it looked impossible to actually get a tool in there. If someone could do a better writeup or video on doing that step it would be appreciated. I did a drain and added in the same amount as I added in, under the assumption it was...
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    3D Printed Center Console Part Wanted

    My posted files are in units of Inches, scale of 1.
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    Unknown Module and Antenna Connectors

    I just had my trim off a few days ago in a '13 - I do not recall seeing that box or the power wires in the C pillar, but I could wrong.
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    3D Printed Center Console Part Wanted

    I now have the files posted to thingverse (Ford Explorer ('14) Console Shifter & Dial cups by mcbooya) for any one to download and print on their own. Enjoy.
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    Overall Interceptor Reliability

    I bought a '13 PIU from County Sheriff with 100k on it ( I think 6000 engine hours, 3000 idle?? so not bad for a police vehicle), now has about 140k over a few years. I have been really happy with it, and would consider it no different than buying a typical higher mileage used car. At least with...
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    3D Printed Center Console Part Wanted

    I sent a message to you, I can send my STL files.
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    How to test fuel pressure on 2013 3.7L. Police Interceptor

    I am also trying to check fuel pressure on my '13 PIU - I am unable to find the Fuel pressure at the injectors as one of the options in Forscan or Torque. Any tips from anyone on how to do so? I can read Fuel Tank pressure (which is under vacuum), Fuel Pump (on, off) etc, but not an actual fuel...
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    Remote Start Facts (2011 - 2015 only)

    Range Test Completed on the basic remote start: On a 2013 Police Utility with 4 button key fob/key, parked on the street, no obstacles in the way, vehicle facing away from me. Extra antenna would be the antenna from I think an Edge that plugs into the TPMS in the center console. With Extra...
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    Remote Start Facts (2011 - 2015 only)

    I tried mine with the hood open - it gives out a short honk, so not what you are experiencing. Perhaps you have some codes or check engine light that would prevent a start? or parking brake on?
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    Remote Start Facts (2011 - 2015 only)

    I don't think we noticed any substantial difference with the antenna, but didn't do a before/after test. I installed the Avital 4115L from Amazon (~$50 ), and followed the guide for which wires to use from "the12volt" ( ), although...
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    PIU Remote Start PATS bypass?

    Just to update the original post - I installed an Avital aftermarket remote start in my PIU (which has the fleet key) - no need for a transponder bypass, and install was easy. Still use the Lock/Unlock on the IKT key, but now remote start is on a 1 button avital remote. I will do a range test...
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    Remote Start Facts (2011 - 2015 only)

    I had the same issue with really poor range - no electronics or anything in the console that would interfere, new batteries, etc. I tried the antenna add on that didn't seem to help much. I ended up installing an Avital aftermaket, which was easy as there is no transponder bypass needed for the...
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    3D Printed Center Console Part Wanted

    I made my own 3D printed parts for the center console shift and dial holes on my '13. Due to the curvature of the surface it was a little difficult to get an exact fit, but they work fine. I can share my STL files that you can have and print on your own, or can post for sale in the classified...
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    Explorer Cranks But Wont Start

    I have been having a similar issue in my '13 Police Utility (3.7L) - will have periods where it cranks for a long time before starting, sometimes won't start, but most of the time runs fine. Problem doesn't happen consistent enough so when bringing it to a mechanic they cant figure it out...
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    PIU Remote Start PATS bypass?

    Range - I have the basic remote start that was turned on with FORSCAN - Range is typically 50'. The further away I am the harder it is for the start signal to get read by the car - the locks will flash but getting the double tap to start only works when closer to the 50' range. I also added on...
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    PIU Remote Start PATS bypass?

    Hello, Does anyone know if the '13 PIU requires a PATS bypass for an aftermarket remote start? I have a key with basic remote start buttons enabled, but the range is horrible so looking at upgrading with a cheap aftermarket. I know I can use extra cheap keys from ace hardware to start the car -...
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    Remote Start Facts (2011 - 2015 only)

    I would also like to know - Can you add on an antenna to the TPMS receiver in the center console to increase the range of the basic IKT key Remote Start? has anyone done this?
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    Larger tires

    I have found some good info in these threads about the 3% rule on tire diameter, but does any one know what the 18" Steel rims and PIU can handle for a width? I am looking at expanding my tire options for the 245/55/R18 steel rims and could use some opinions on best alternative sizes.