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    03 Explorer trans

    5r55w, replaced 2 speed sensors, found temp sensor broken, replaced solenoid pack, same issue, still between 2-10 miles highway driving , od light kicks on, message center says check trans, tcc unlocks, the truck drives fine except the converter wont lock up, drove 2 hrs from NJ to PA, and 2 hrs...
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    5r55w Problem

    Thanks. The pack was reman, from xtreme trans in Florida, the dtc code is for the tcc solenoid, but with the new pack the truck does shift alot better but same issue, I was more concerned about running the engine at 2000 rpm and the check trans on the info center, or is that just informing that...
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    5r55w Problem

    03 Explorer, 4.6, 5r55w, issue after about 3-5 miles of driving the o\d off flashes on the instrument cluster, and the info center says check trans. I changed the solenoid pack, same, the code comes up as the torque converter lockup solenoid, is there one separate from the solenoid pack? Or is...
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    4x4 control upgraded module

    Been looking, found it once, cant seem to find again, There are two numbers, one is 2c54-7h473-bf, these are all over ebay so I assuming these are the earlier version, anyone have or know the upgraded or newer version part number? Thanks
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    4x4 auto, 2004 explorer

    Agreed, check ujoints and front cv axles, the clunking might be the ujoints loading and unloading at certain speeds.
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    2004 Explorer Alarm

    I tried to find a way disarm mine too, impossible. The way the alarm is instigated with the ecu and security module cant be done, the only way I found is to find the wire that triggers the horns, disconnect at the security module and run a separate wire from the horn button. Might keep the horn...
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    ELM 327 bluetooth

    Thanks. Ebay. Bought cheap one to try. Doesnt work on our Toyota either.
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    ELM 327 bluetooth

    03 4.6. Tried two different ones, wont power on or communicate, anyone have issues with these? Truck will communicate with my Innova and Actron scanners.
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    Major Mileage Milestone!

    Question is, how are you getting over 17mpg? Mine tops out at 16.5mpg.
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    Any easy way to disconnect or permanently disable that very annoying stupid useless thing? I was thinking to pull the wires off the horns and run a direct feed from the horn button wire.
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    Depends. I got my Explorer with 89,000 last year, the ujoints were rusted bad, front one had a little play, I went and changed them all, and this is Jersey, where the amount of salt they use will literally melt metal.
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    2003 Eddie Bauer - V8?

    My EB is a V8. Look on the tailgate for the V8 symbol. The 4.6 if properly maintained is a durable engine, trans from what I herd there are more problems with the full time AWD and not the part time 4x4 Explorer. I know mine the shifting is lazy between gears but I understand that is for a...
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    Question:2003 Ford Explorer

    If it left the shop worse, take it back and demand them to fix the issue. I took our Sienna to the local mechanic and he completely misdiagnosed the van. This is why I work on my own vehicles. Jack up the front, even if you use the factory Ford jack, as long as the wheel is off the ground, shake...
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    Auto controls, all other heat\ac works fine, defrost blowing cool air, is it normal or is it the blend door or arm?
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    02 Explorer Seat Mount Removal

    Pull the control knobs off, unbolt the seat, tilt it forward, there is a small fillips screw under the seat that hold the plastic on.
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    Transmission Issues?

    I also heard that the AWD not the part time 4x4 trucks had more issues, due to the full time 4x4 putting more stress on the trans. I have 88,000 mi on mine and still shifts great. The only thing I do not like about ford trannies is when they are cold they do not shift into OD until they get...
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    Squirrelly handling...HELP!!!

    Might be the right axle locked and not allowed to slip.
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    Hi-Ho Silver!

    Yes starter bolts to trans.
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    Hi-Ho Silver!

    "DO NOT" start the truck if the clutch disc is still on the flywheel. Bad things can happen. The input shaft on the trans holds the disc in place. Other than that, to see if it runs, make sure the engine is where it is supposed to be so the fan wont hit anything.
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    Do I have remote start?

    The rats nest is it. Ford would never do anything like that from the dealer or factory. It can be uninstalled. Or just leave it there, you might even get the make and get a remote for it.
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    Moving On...

    Ya coulda went with a GM where you get a free fire extinguisher with your purchase, or a Dodge and hope your air bag dont go off when you close the door.
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    Door ajar issue

    Door ajar issue when it rained. Fixed. Replaced the switch. It is not that hard and took me less than 20 minutes to change. Take the door panel off, thanks youtube for the know how, take the lower inner window track out, unbolt the door latch, no need to remove it, you can now move it around to...
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    Do I have remote start?

    Look under the dash for a box with a bunch of wires that looks like it does not belong, that will most likely be the remote start, and there is a separate remote for the start.