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    No 5th gear + reverse 91 xl HELP!!!

    I have a 1991 6" lifted explorer XLn on 35s, with i belive a "M5R1" 5 speed trans. I lost 5th gear all together and reverse will not stay engaged. I was told of a 5th/rev update kit with bigger gears/ I am looking for kit or a used trans to replace the old one. HELP I have a trail ride in 3...
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    1991 5th gear/reverse update

    I have a 5" lifted sport on 35's, just lost 5th gear and it will not stay in reverse. I installed new nylon bushings in shifter housing still nothing. I was told of a update kit the is installed inplace of 5th/reverse gears with bigger/more teeth than stock. Can anyone give any info of kit. Or...