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  1. K

    Help needed in replacing 2002 Rear shocks

    My Tips Just replaced my shattered OEM's with Quikstruts - Here are couple of tips: I used the 13mm ratchet wrench from this pack - - its the perfect profile. l also had to hit the nylok nuts with heat (MAPP) to...
  2. K

    2002 Ford Explorer V8 with 4x4 kicking in and out on its own

    Had same problem many years ago - I believe Ford said it was a bad speed sensor - they replaced defective item and problem was fixed - don't recall all the details - sorry. Good Luck, K
  3. K

    Detatching wheel hub assembly from steering knuckle

    Short socket swivel impact and a little MAPP gas worked for me - K
  4. K

    Exhaust smell inside

    Hi There - I can only think of the exhaust joint between the muffler and the mid-pipe (goes up to engine) - that would have had to have been removed to install transmission. I would start there - it might be loose or possibly not aligned correctly and forced together. Good Luck!
  5. K

    03 Eddie Bauer 4x4 e brake replacement.

    I agree with rocco123 - it's def. a knuckle buster - You have to get the rotor off - the ebrake is a drum design within (inside) the rotor. Don't forget to remove the washer on the rotors. Also, the adjustment spur will more than likely be rusted together if you cannot get to move - replace...
  6. K

    5r55 rebuild parts/ tools list

    shipwreck17 - I sleeved my 5r55w - when you ream the chips are small - I used trans fluid as lube & to keep "aluminum dust" down to a min (FYI - I did remove most of internal components as a precaution). I machined my own bronze sleeves and went with a light slip fit and used retaining compound...
  7. K

    2002 Explorer Tranny slips only when cold -- help

    Hi Everyone - I rebuilt my 5r55w trans early last year - had blinking O.D. light problem & codes - turned out to be a broken intermediate band , loose servo bores (i.d & o.d.), and a bad o.d. servo. (Thanks to Exp-Forum) Bores were sleeved, bands where replaced - servo was replaced (among...
  8. K

    4wd kicking in and out under acceleration

    I had the same problem 2 years ago - I had a wheel speed sensor fail. Dealer replaced faulty part - problem went away.
  9. K

    How I changed my 05's Front Wheel Bearing

    Hi D-Mack - I screwed up one CV assm (half shaft) the first time I replaced the hub on my buddies explorer. Before reading up (@ the Xplorerforum) I used a gear puller to hold back the half shaft to easily remove the bolts. Unfortunately, I really cranked down on the gear puller. After...
  10. K

    How I changed my 05's Front Wheel Bearing

    thepotroast-- the bolts did have the yellow lock-tite & the black rtv crud. I am the original owner - never had them repaired or replaced until last week. But I did have 2 abs sensors fail while in warranty. Dealer took care of it & never really told me what they did to remedy the problem...
  11. K

    How I changed my 05's Front Wheel Bearing

    thepotroast - heat was only applied to non-cv boot side - hub casting / exposed thread(s). Cheers, K
  12. K

    How I changed my 05's Front Wheel Bearing

    Heating up the 3 hub bolts helped tremendously. I used a mapp torch to preheat the bolt and a friend held the torch on the exposed bolt thread as I backout'd out the bolt. They were out in 10 mins. Also, not sure why but my bolts were covered in RTV & loctite.
  13. K

    need transmission replacement help

    diesel_s - Don't forget to replace non-re-usable items like torque converter to flexplate nuts, trans pump bolts (I think), etc.. Cheers, K Also - I mark everything!
  14. K

    5R55W Bore Correction Clearance Ques.

    Hi All, I was wondering if any knows how much clearance is needed between the servo pin and the case. I will be making my own bronze inserts next week to replace the worn holes in the case. I'm thinking it should be pin dia. (12mm) +.0005in.. Is that enough clearance? Thanks, K :Update...
  15. K

    5R55W Direct Clutch Drum - Resurfacing

    Thanks Glacier - I figured - but my thinking was kinda like rotors on a brake system. New pads (bands in this case) - turn down the rotors (direct drum) & re-install. FYI: I went the safer route - I just ordered a new one from the guys at 800700tran for $10 - can't beat that! K
  16. K

    5R55W Direct Clutch Drum - Resurfacing

    Hi All, I was wondering if it possible to resurface the o.d. on a direct drum. The reason I'm asking is I'm pretty sure my intermediate band is shot (metal on metal). And being that I will be rebuilding my 5R55W tranny next week (& servo fix) I figured I get a little advice first. So, my...
  17. K

    New Member - This forum rocks!

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to say that this forum rocks! I've solved so many issues with my "02" explorer with your help. Keep up the great posts! K