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    Oil in intake hose!?

    I need a little help please from anyone. I have been losing quite a bit of oil and my explorer has been idling rough lately. I noticed today that I had a lot of oil in my intake hose from the maf sensor all the way in to the intake. I dont know where this could be coming from--the only 2...
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    Knocking--possible timing chain?

    I have a 1992 Ford Explorer that has a definite knock whenever I accelerate with my explorer. After about 25 minutes of driving, or after it warms up and then is shut down and restarted the knock diminishes greatly, but is still present. I have brand new heads on (20,000 miles) and 120,000...
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    Pinging problems--tried almost everything

    Re: Your chip? I will take the chip out and see if that makes a diff. Also I am getting no codes from the computer and the intake and vaccum lines seem ok.
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    Pinging problems--tried almost everything

    I have a 1992 explorer that has very bad pinging under any load and at wide open throttle. I just had the heads replaced about a year ago and that is when my pinging started. I have also done quite a bit to try and remedy the problem. I run 87 octane cuz that is what it was made to run on...