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  1. calmac06

    Calling all 2 doors..

    I'm wondering the same thing about the dangerous Warrior shackles. I've had them on my sport for three years now with no problems? :dunno:
  2. calmac06

    1999 Ford Explorer 4.0 SOHC swap to 4.0 OHV

    Really consider what you are planning on and make sure that you really wanna do it, the cost is always way more, it always takes more time, and is usually much more stressful than you plan. Just remember that if you run into problems midway through the wiring harness doctoring that you cannot...
  3. calmac06

    Intermittent Shaking of Steering wheel @ 60mph

    Had the same problem at around 66mph.. unbalanced tires were the biggest contributor along with rotors that were slightly warped. If the tires are worn out, definately replace them!
  4. calmac06

    FX4 Level II

    Work on that thing is awesome!! What did you have to do to put that limited steering wheel in it??
  5. calmac06

    New radio and sub install help.

    Try -- you can put in your vehicle and the head unit that you want and it should be able to show you what wiring harness/adapter that you need.
  6. calmac06

    weird feeling while driving

    Bearings may be a cheap, easy fix for a 2wd but for a 4x4 they are about $150 a piece here, I know.
  7. calmac06

    Steering Wheel Lights (Gone?)

    It could be that both of the lights are out. One of mine was out when I bought it, now the other is. It's not common for both to be out I assume, but it's quite possible. Cruise still works. My .02
  8. calmac06

    Which IAC for a 1997 SOHC v6 AWD

    It's 4x4, nightfire, don't worry though, everyone was a new person here at one time or another -- welcome to the forum
  9. calmac06

    generally they work better when the wheel stays on.

    Haha, working on my brothers '79 bronco one day, his girlfriend wanted to put a tire on it, so she put the driver front wheel on it. Later that afternoon we were headed down the road and all of the sudden, drop, sparks, tire is bouncing down the road. We skidded to a stop, jacked the truck up...
  10. calmac06

    I'm replacing my transmission. Are there any tricks that I need to know?

    Okay, so what is the difference between the 5R55E and 5R44E torque converters? I was looking at this one, but it's for the 5R44E.. :dunno: I wanna get a nice torque converter when I replace this trans, but don't know where to look for a nice one...
  11. calmac06

    I'm replacing my transmission. Are there any tricks that I need to know?

    How about reinstallation of a used trans? I know i'll have to put a filter in it, but how about the torque converter? Any thing we should know about that?
  12. calmac06

    How much can drivetrain take

    that's not what chains are for. snatching a chain is like asking for injury, because chains have no give, they will break, not stretch. you should really invest in a strap that is made for snatching if you use it in snow a lot. sorta expensive...
  13. calmac06

    Help! Poor mileage '97 Sport

    Well joe summed it up well, the mileage isn't that bad... but just for future reference '97 Explorer Sport 2001+ Explorer Sport Explorer Sport Trac
  14. calmac06

    Help! Poor mileage '97 Sport

    Best thing you can do for mileage with an Explorer? sell it, buy an economy car. Gas wasn't cheap six months ago either.. so if driving your Ex and getting bad mileage isn't worth it to you, get another vehicle that's more efficient. "The cargo area features, which include an optional...
  15. calmac06

    Will these fit

    I guess they will fit then :confused:
  16. calmac06

    Roof Light bar for x no mods required?

    What exactly do you want? If your looking for a specific light bar, and nobody makes it, make your own. It can't be that hard, unless you make it that hard.
  17. calmac06

    Will these fit

    Isn't your bolt spacing 5-4.5? 5-114mm will not work, as far as I know.
  18. calmac06

    u/l ball joints (only)

    First, welcome to the forum! If you go to the 1995-2001 Stock Explorer forum, it's a sticky near the top. Uppers: Lowers: You'll find that the search tool (near...
  19. calmac06

    oops... snows a bit deeper than i thought

    haha, big cummins 4x4 with a winch still needs a ford to get out! Just kidding, cummins are awesome!
  20. calmac06

    How many miles?

    '97 Sport -- 4.0 SOHC, Original trans (no overdrive though) -- 201,5XX miles. Motor runs like a top, trans is another story.
  21. calmac06

    4x4 Gear swap -> 2.73 Rear

    Just wanted to say that my poor ass has been driving around with an inoperable OD in my 5R55E from September until now (almost 16,000 miles)!! Absolutely no problems from the motor yet, it doesn't complain a bit. Before I bought my Explorer I had an '87 Ranger 2.3 with a 5 speed... That...
  22. calmac06

    $3,000 to spend

    i'm with justin
  23. calmac06

    a guy really F'd up his engine

    haha, who would have thought stuff like that really happens... :bsnicker::roll::scratch:
  24. calmac06

    Spark Plug Replacement

    Do you change all of the oil in your engine? How about your diffs?