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    Active grille shutters

    Thats what that Peter guy, bless him, does here. Heres what i did for a bit of extra cooling though: I drilled about 10 small holes in the grille where the fresh air tube is on the other side. It gets fresh air before the filter that way and since the upper part of the PIU grille is not vented...
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    Air intake mod increases fuel mileage and performance

    Thanks i guess? I need help from OP though.
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    Air intake mod increases fuel mileage and performance

    Which grill do you have? Im very interested in this mod, makes a lot of sense. (post pic if you can)Thank you
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    PIU Owner in Oregon - Novice!

    Ive owned an 05 4.0 before but this is a new beast. This is the EcoBoost Intercoptor too. Its already been fun but I have much to learn. Im here for help with the FOB as well as some stuff to make it better for civilian use. Some performance mods too, to be honest. Happy to be here.