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  1. sattech2000

    Best way to unload torsion bars?

    Snapped the head right of the adjusting bolt. Ughh. My mistake, got in to much of a hurry. What's the best way to unload this one? I seriously doubt I could get a nut welded on there but might try that.
  2. sattech2000

    What are these fuel trims telling me?

    Still learning fuel trims and how to decipher them. What direction are they pointing me in? I know something isn't right just not sure what yet. 96 explorer 4.0 vin X
  3. sattech2000

    Rear abs sensor wiring diagram - ASAP, Please and thank you!:)

    Could someone please post a wring diagram for the rear abs sensor that's mounted in the rear differential? Would be very helpful and greatly appreciated. Kind of an emergency as it's required for my job, which I'm in the middle of my day at the moment, and due to having two sensors out the abs...
  4. sattech2000

    What else is known to feel like a dragging brake caliper?

    Def not from the engine. That things running like a raped ape. I swear it has better performance and gas mileage then my 99 did. Have the back end jacked up engine running turning the tires i can tell something is binding up. Going to drop rear drives haft now(front has been out and see what...
  5. sattech2000

    What else is known to feel like a dragging brake caliper?

    I hear no bearing or any noises at all. For the first couple minutes cold it's good but then starts dragging
  6. sattech2000

    What else is known to feel like a dragging brake caliper?

    Boy I screwed that last post up. New phone. Anyways parking brakes were completely removed. Cables and guts at the rear wheels.
  7. sattech2000

    What else is known to feel like a dragging brake caliper?

    What else is known to feel like a dragging brake caliper? 96 Explorer 4.0 OHV well maintained. Started noticing it about 6 months ago. Initially out on the highway I could feel a slight drag from time to time. When I noticed it, it would be instant here then instant gone. It seems it is now...
  8. sattech2000

    5R55E Parts

    I lost track of tgis. Are the parts still available? I have extra cash now.
  9. sattech2000

    For Sale LPG Kit

    Don't suppose this might still be available?
  10. sattech2000

    EATC Weirdness and Wiring Diagrams?

    Actually I think I just found what was referenced here on another site. In case anyone else is looking for.
  11. sattech2000

    EATC Weirdness and Wiring Diagrams?

    I realize this is a 15 year old post but it's exactly what I'm looking for. Link is dead anyone know where I might be able to find the information referenced above? Couldn't get it to come up in the way back machine :(
  12. sattech2000

    Repair info for the auto climate control module (EATC)

    Doh....meant EATC, I have done some searching but havnt found anything specifically for repairing the control/display unit. I see people all over eBay offering the service so I cant imagine it's to difficult. I'll check out your links and specific suggested search terms to see what I come up...
  13. sattech2000

    Repair info for the auto climate control module (EATC)

    Looking to see if by chance there might be any repair info floating around for the automatic climate control modules in my 98 explorer and 2000 mountaineer. Both units won't turn on the ac and the blower motor is at hi or higher speeds. I have a hot air workstation and capable of doing smt...
  14. sattech2000

    Need wiring diagram for the AC System

    Actually I'm still digging through this issue. Finding lots of posts I'm going through. I do have the eatc system, I've pulled it apart looking for a relay that I believe was eliminated in 98. So I'm heading back under the hood now. I did closely inspect the circle board and didn't see anything...
  15. sattech2000

    Need wiring diagram for the AC System

    Never mind I just found a post with all the information I need. I'll try to delete this thread
  16. sattech2000

    Need wiring diagram for the AC System

    It does have the automatic temperature control system
  17. sattech2000

    Need wiring diagram for the AC System

    Not at home, need wiring diagram for AC System (clutch) on my 98 explorer V8. Ac worked fine up untill around the time I did the timing chain gaskets/water pump a month ago. If I jump the ac relay the clutch(and the system) works great, like it's supposed to otherwise it's dead. Jumping the...
  18. sattech2000

    4r70w location of unknown bracket valvebody

    Puting vb back in my 98 explorer 5.0 and not able to recalk where this bracket came from. Anyone recognize where it might go? I pulled it apart in negative temperatures so I wasn't paying close attention. :(
  19. sattech2000

    Oil filter Adapter O -rings

    Just a heads up for any one that finds themselves in a bind because they took the assembly apart only to find what a nightmare it is in locating them but has to have it back up and running the next day. (Like me) I went down to my local ace hardware and grabbed the closest ones, went back and...
  20. sattech2000

    5R55E Parts

    How much for all of it? I have one I need to service soon.
  21. sattech2000

    4R70W Shift Solenoid F5AZ7G136A

    Making plans to service mine soon and new shift solinoids are always a good thing. How much?
  22. sattech2000

    Disable power antenna?

    What's the easiest way to disable the power antenna from going up and down? Just boughtmght a 98 explorer limited that I'm in and out of several times a day. I'm noticing the motor making some bad sounds that seems to be getting worse. Hoping I can just disable it in the up position and leave...
  23. sattech2000

    WANTED: 5r55e blowoff valve 3L5Z-7M203-JA

    Need a blowoff valve for a 5r55e for part number: 3L5Z-7M203-JA Thought I'd see if anyone had one laying around. $80-$120 online is cheapest I can find it.
  24. sattech2000

    5r55e shifts out of 3, no forth after sonn. Shift kit

    Pulled the 5r55e out of my 2000 explorer parts truck that has been sitting a few years, worked great when parked. Put a Sonnex shift correction kit in it along with a new BW EPC valve, retaining bracket and a Ford bonded separator plate/gaskets. Drained as much fluid out of everything and blew...