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  1. J

    New member- new ACM?

    Thanks for the suggestions. It's my son car and after his attempts I tried before taking it to the dealer so I'm pretty sure we used the correct ESN but I didn't think Sirius might have it wrong. If that doesn't work I'll probably try the battery disconnect. With it being a new purchased used...
  2. J

    New member- new ACM?

    The diagnosis was:Audio control module is not relaying signal and needs replacement. Apparently it is the whole radio cd module. Just seems weird when the rest of the radio seems to work fine including the Sirius preview channel. It is a different dealer since it was bought out of town.
  3. J

    New member- new ACM?

    Just joined this forum and hope to get some advice. Purchased used 2013 explorer xlt just out of warranty. When driving home from dealer, Sirius xm channels all worked fine and then stopped which I assumed just was canceled subscription. Am/fm Radio and phone sync still work fine. Signed up for...