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    How to: 2002 Explorer rear wheel bearing replacement (pictures)

    Just replaced the rear again for the 4th time. This time I just did the one that failed instead of doing them both. It always the passenger side that fails on mine first. I typically get 2 years out of a Chinese one so last time I ordered Timkens at 3 times the price and guess what - they lasted...
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    2003 4.6L Stalling/Missing

    It was coils causing my misfire issues, so I replaced them all. Runs perfect now
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    Fast Idle

    I replaced the IAC valve and also did a battery disconnect. Idles perfect now so problem solved
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    Fast Idle

    When I took the IAC off there was a lot of carbon inside the throttle body hole. The workshop manual I have says not to clean the throttle body with carby cleaner etc as the throttle body has a special coating on it. Not sure it this is BS as carby cleaner is what i would be using if I did it.
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    Fast Idle

    Over the past couple of weeks my 2002 4.6 Explorer has been idling at around 1800 rpm in neutral - hot and cold. I did search a believe the IAC valve is the culprit. This valve is not available in Australia so I am at the mercy of the dollar conversion and expensive overseas freight costs...
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    4 low won't engage

    Gee I'm dumb. Never realised I had to be in neutral to engage Low and have probably been sitting in Drive. Tried it today in neutral and it when straight in.
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    Reliability of V8 drivetrain

    I have also gone through several sets of front and rear wheel bearings and a pair of rear struts. Did they replace the shift solenoid pack with the upgraded one? This make a big difference to the shifting and stops them hanging on and flairing. This what you need -...
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    Reliability of V8 drivetrain

    My 02 has 260,000kms on it and I regularly tow 3,000kg I have only had the shift solenoids fail and have now fitted the upgraded ones. I never use overdrive when towing though as it struggles too much.
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    '02 Explorer 4x4 issue

    Don't forget 2002 models had a faulty 4WD control module. If you have no shifting at all and no lights flashing when you try and shift and then the module will probably have failed
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    4 low won't engage

    My 02 4.6 does the same. I replaced the 4WD control module several years ago and at that time I had hi and low, but now only hi again. Low just flashes.
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    Knocking in the morning only.

    If you think it is in the converter area what you probably have is a blocked filter in the transmission. With cold oil these will make a sound like the converter is hitting the flywheel cover but as soon as the oil warms up and thins down it will flow through and the noise is gone, until your...
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    Engine ran without Oil...

    Bearings will be shot and probably marked the crank as well Cheaper to give it the heave ho and pick up a reco engine somewhere
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    studders/bumps when accelerating sometimes

    Probably a coil pack. Just buy a new set of 8 off eBay - heaps cheaper than the stealerships. Change the plugs while you are at it. Cost you nothing in labour and take you about an hour to do
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    Coolant leak - what is this thing for?

    My problem is that the part has broken into 2 pieces and the insides have departed this world. It is not available in Australia. I have replaced the part with a short section of 5/8" copper tube. How important is this "check valve" as I haven't seen one used in a heater circuit before and would...
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    How to: 2002 Explorer rear wheel bearing replacement (pictures)

    I probably posted this earlier but my little whiz wheel was too slow so I used oxy acetylene to cut the inner hub out. On my first attempt a few years back I broke the press and then with a bigger press I broke the hub so I wasn't going down that road again
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    Coolant leak - what is this thing for?

    2002 4.6 litre Explorer XLT What appears to be a check valve on a heater line blew itself in half leaving me stranded in no mans land for a while. As per the photos, it is at the front of the engine and connects to a L shaped hose that is connected to the inlet manifold and the other end...
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    How to: 2002 Explorer rear wheel bearing replacement (pictures)

    Fitted the "Korean" timkens at the weekend. It went a lot smoother this time except that the bearings disintergrated when I pressed out the hub so I was left with the outers on the hub and in the housing. Had to do a little grinding to weaken and then break out the left overs. I also managed to...
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    Rear disc pads

    Just a quick question. I am getting conflicting information from brake sales guys so I need clarification. I have a 2002 Explorer XLT with 4.6 litre V8. Are the rear disc pads the same as those with the 4 litre engine? One brake guy is saying the V8 has larger rear pads and another is saying...
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    How to: 2002 Explorer rear wheel bearing replacement (pictures)

    My Timken bearings just arrived from a USA eBay site but I am concerned to find that the Timken bearings are made in Korea. I had expected them to be USA Timken but live and learn I suppose.
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    How to: 2002 Explorer rear wheel bearing replacement (pictures)

    My Chinese replacements have started howling this week. I have just ordered a pair of Timken bearings for it this time in the hope it will last longer than 2 years. I don't drive in any water or mud, but I do a lot of heavy towing. I am praying that the bearings come out easier this time because...
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    2002 4.6l Exhaust Manfiold? Problem

    They are prone to spitting spark plugs out of the head. Hope the thread is still OK for your sake
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    4.0 SOHC always thrashy?

    Probably timing chains if it is making a lot of noise. Lots of info on them on this site. Basically Ford did a pathetically crap job on the design and just as good a job on the PR side of it for this fault.
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    How to: 2002 Explorer rear wheel bearing replacement (pictures)

    Yes, that's correct. Just assemble the whole brake set up on the backing plate, press the hub back on, install on the vehicle as an assembly, and push the 2 levers through the rubber grommet thingy, and you're done.
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    How to: 2002 Explorer rear wheel bearing replacement (pictures)

    Piece of cake if you assemble the parking brake onto the backing plate before the hub is pressed back on. Complete PIA if you do it after
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    Noise I never figured out---on all 4.6 Exps?

    My converter makes heaps of noise when it is cold, but the noise seems to go away when it warms up.