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    building extended radius arms. Caster question

    Why do we need to add caster when we lift an explorer or any TTB front end vehicle? Ive read the same thing on lots of caster is added to the TTB front end when lifting.
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    building extended radius arms. Caster question

    Great post, Im right in the middle of building extended radius arms myself. Mines a little different to start, going with minimal lift or no lift at all. Just trying to see what I can get with the stock pivot brackets, and go from there. mostly will be driven on the road (95% of the time)...
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    Headlight harness connector

    so what light bulbs did you use. ?
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    Headlight harness connector

    My first gen. ex lights barely work at all! Would love to use this if it works well!
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    Got new rubber on the 94

    Could you post a frontal shot?
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    Lets see what a beer budget will get us!

    But I'm not giving up beer! So the quest I'm on is to see what I can do to take the stock suspension to its max. Its a 92 ex running 31's and a dd.The plan is to extend the radius arms, adjustable coil buckets from ballistic fab, longer shocks,coil springs from a jeep. Rear suspension is...
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    Prerunner/Dual Purpose 94 Build

    More pics and who's fiberglass did you go with?
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    Fuel Gauge does not work

    So with lots of PB Blaster I got the lock ring loose and the sending unit out. So to answer my own question the flange is pressed into the take and is not servicable. I also picked up a Spectra Premium sending unit from auto zone and would give it low marks due to the electrical plug is not...
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    Fuel Gauge does not work

    Got the access door cut and the fuel lines disconnected but the sending unit does not want to come loose. If I have to destroy the sending unit and the flange to get it out, is the flange a two piece unit that can be replaced? And is it a ford part only thing?
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    constant vs variable rate coil springs?

    Is there a better shock to match with the duel rate coils and also for the constant rate coil springs?
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    FREE D35 Yuba City,Ca.

    would you concider bringing it to work?
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    FREE D35 Yuba City,Ca.

    I might be interested, Do you ever come into the sacramento area?
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    Custom Drop Pivot Brackets.... feeler

    Love your idea about drop brackets! Would suggest extended RA's kit that uses the stock radius arms off your own rig and if needed a transmission cross member.
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    vin number info?

    Is there a way to tell from the vin #, if a ranger 4x4 has the STX Package on it. If so what digit would indacate the STX package? I've tried to search it but have not located the info. Thank you.
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    U-joint Leads

    Is the spicer 5-760x ujoint the size needed for the explorer 4x4 auto, 4door 4ltr?
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    1993 ford explorer 2 inch lift, what backspacing for wheels?

    I agree with you on the 16's. I've been watching craigslist and the 16 and 17 are a much better price and chioce of size's.
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    A little help with a couple answers

    What kind of gas milage numbers are we talking about for ohv, sohc, and the 5.0? This would be in stock form for all 3 motors.
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    BTF's cut and turn beam exchange

    I've always wanted to go with the cut n turned beams but shied away do to the cost of the swing set steering and also the installation and setup of it.
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    BTF's cut and turn beam exchange

    I thought you had to go with the swing set steering when you go with this amount of lift without pivit drop down brackets? Am I wrong, please educate me if i am incorrect.
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    I was thinking about putting in a small trap door to shift mine from inside the cab. I just have not had the time to look into it and see how it would work. Much like the trap door for the gas tank sending unit I've seen on this forum.
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    Sas input

    thankyou for the responce.
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    Sas input

    I have access to a D-30 and ford 9" out of a bronco. Would you still conceder this a good SAS for the Explorer? These axles would be free, thats why I ask.
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    leaf springs

    Is it the same set-up for an explorer? Is there a clarence issue with the shackle flip?
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    F150 Coil Seats Install and Shackles for TTB suspension based platforms

    I'll keep looking around for a cheaper deal. Thanks.