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  1. mattadams

    2017 explorer sport rear hitch cover

    My 2017 sport hitch cover is the same color as the immediate surround plastic, it is glossy, but not painted to match. I don't believe it is painted at all.
  2. mattadams

    2018 Platinum Roof Wrap

    I've been looking for info on a roof wrap... just curious how much this ended up costing you and how it is holding up a few years later? My roof on my 2017 explorer is starting to get some rust spots and don't want the rust to get worse so thinking of this as an option compared to repainting...
  3. mattadams


    Just as another update... got the hood replaced and repainted, but the doors and roof were denied. Unfortunately the rust in the roof is starting to become visible (previously I could tell is was starting to rust from underneath but couldn't actually see the rust itself) in several spots, and...
  4. mattadams

    Squeaky headliner

    I have kept thinking about dropping the headliner to try to figure out this squeaky headliner for a while, but finally decided to pull the trigger on it today. Dropped the headliner down and right where the noise is, there is a magnet that apparently holds the headliner to the body. I didn't...
  5. mattadams


    well just to update... heard back from the ford dealership... supposedly Ford outright denied the roof, said it wouldn't have been covered even if the vehicle was within its original warranty, and they want back and forth on the doors but ultimately denied that as well. Will be getting a new...
  6. mattadams


    Interesting and thanks for the details. I guess I'm not sure what makes a "perforation" and what doesn't, because the damage to the hood doesn't really have any "holes" it's just a surface damage... guess we'll see what they come back with. I did get a printout of the TSB from the first...
  7. mattadams


    Just as an update... I took it into the local ford dealership... they looked at the hood and agreed it'd be something able to be warrantied. They looked at the rear doors, which had corrosion at the seam for both doors, and felt it'd likely be covered by warranty, but they'd never done an...
  8. mattadams

    Survey from Ford

    I seem to recall them following up after the trip to verify some things, but that was also like 20 years ago so my memory is a bit foggy lol.
  9. mattadams


    Thanks, going to take the explorer in next time I get an opportunity to see if they'll honor it...
  10. mattadams


    I've been having major concerns about rust on my 2017 Explorer. All four doors have it, and the hood area seems to have it pretty bad as well... just noticed the first spot forming on the roof as well. I thought maybe it was because the vehicle started its life in Canada where they likely use...
  11. mattadams

    Rear Bumper Protectors

    Bringing back an old thread from the dead! I've been dealing with a scratched up bumper for a while. I rent my explorer out on turo pretty regular and they don't really respect the bumper to say the least. I'd been looking for a bumper protector... found the BMC one and ordered it a few weeks...
  12. mattadams

    Keyless entry (Securicode) pad comes off

    Well I ended up replacing my keypad b-pillar yesterday. My issue wasn't necessarily that it was coming lose, though it was a bit, but just that the keypad was being rather glitchy, some keys not working, not working consistently, etc. That was not the easiest chore I've ever done, that's for...
  13. mattadams

    Keyless entry (Securicode) pad comes off

    Wow was just looking for information on replacing the keypad, as mine has been acting a little flaky lately - one of the buttons not working consistently, and it not taking the combination sometimes. I rent my explorer out with Turo and give the combination to customers to get into the vehicle...
  14. mattadams

    Squeaky headliner

    Not to revive a really old thread, but my 2017 Explorer Sport (no sunroof) is making a similar noise. I thought it might be something lose in there like one of the mounts for the hvac or something, but it seems to be directly above my (drivers) head. Putting just the slightest pressure on it...
  15. mattadams

    Well that didn't take long!

    Time to go ahead and paint it a different color. Seriously, that stinks!
  16. mattadams

    Intelligent Access Key fob programming

    Thanks to the instructions from Patrick and 4havnfun, I was able to get the third key programmed! When I bought the explorer I was told it only came with one key, so I planned on buying a second key. When I went to go pick it up, they said there actually was a working key but it was pretty...
  17. mattadams

    Back in a Ford Explorer after years away!

    Thanks, I'd looked into that! I'd heard different things about whether keys could be programmed, but for what I imagine the dealer will charge me for it, it is probably worth it to at least try...
  18. mattadams

    Back in a Ford Explorer after years away!

    Doubt most folks around here even remember me anymore... but used to be quite active in the early days of the forum when I had a lifted 94 Explorer with all kinds of lights on it. I used to be moderator of the performance lighting forum, and I've been moderator of the escape forum for several...
  19. mattadams

    2016 Explorer Sport Wheels - $500

    It's been a while... are these wheels still for sale?
  20. mattadams


    Does it make any difference if you point it at the floor or at the vents? It sounds like the blend door to me... there is a little "door" that controls whether hot or cold air are coming out, or a mixture thereof and it can get stuck or operate incorrectly.
  21. mattadams

    Hard gear changing

    I seem to recall another friend with a 2014 escape who also had issues with shifting. Apparently there were a few people complaining about it online. I think some even complained to Ford about it, but I don't really know if they got anywhere with it. Can't really help much more than that, bug a...
  22. mattadams

    The Grand Loop

    Nice writeup! Looks like a fun trail!
  23. mattadams

    Pics from Moab 2000

    What a fun trip! Haven't been back to Moab in years, should hit it up sometime, to go mountain biking or something if nothing else... since I no longer have off-road capabilities :) Interestingly enough I was reading something a few weeks ago from some google executive who said that he felt that...
  24. mattadams

    door won't open

    Those latches do go bad fairly frequently, and they are relatively easy to fix, but the only way I'm familiar with to replace them is if you can get the door open... I would estimate I've replaced 3 or 4 of them in various explorers over the year, so I'd imagine the escapes aren't much...
  25. mattadams

    Now an Escape owner

    Sharp looking brush guard! I was looking at one for my 2010, but ultimately decided to go without one... so right now the only modification to my escape are floormats, aftermarket headlights... and that's about it... :)