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    2018 explorer door code doesnt work

    Try this link to program the door code.
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    Adding foot operated liftgate feature

    I have a 2018 Explorer XLT with 202A (bought used) and it does not have the foot activated lift gate. Looking at 2018 literature, it doesn't even show as an optional for an Explorer and certainly isn't part of 201A package. Maybe you were looking at a different year?
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    Help me decide which one.

    As someone else indicated, I would look at the window stickers and compare conveniences. Every one of them seems to be a bit different and those differences may not be in the description of the ad. You do have a list of what you require versus what would be nice to have versus what you don't...
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    2014 XLT 3.5L NA and other year model comparisons

    I loved the 2014 XLT that I bought spring of 2018 with 99,000 miles on it. The only issue I had was that A/C compressors only lasted a couple of years. I had to put one in only a couple months after I bought it, then it went out again last summer (I let it go until I traded it in on my current...
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    Tire pressure sensor fault light on

    What were the temperatures like when the light came on? If it was in the single digits, then your air pressure would have been lower than when it is warmer - thus the light going out. Happens on a regular basis in these parts. May not be the issue, but something to think about.
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    Make your explorer unlock when shifting into park WITH THE ENGINE RUNNING.

    Guess I should have noted, if a door is locked, I have to give the handle a double-pull to unlock it. So I would notice if my other doors don't unlock when I get to my destination, put it in park but leave it running, get out and try to open any other door.
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    Make your explorer unlock when shifting into park WITH THE ENGINE RUNNING.

    Not sure if you are asking me or the OP - yes, I can open any of the doors without unlocking the vehicle.
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    Make your explorer unlock when shifting into park WITH THE ENGINE RUNNING.

    My 2018 is defective then :). Since I'm working from home, I rarely drive. I leave it running when I go to the dump and when I'm unloading groceries (eveything is 2 miles away, so it needs time to keep the battery charged). Of course I always open the driver's side door to get out, but the rest...
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    Make your explorer unlock when shifting into park WITH THE ENGINE RUNNING.

    Maybe I'm not understanding your post correctly, Are you saying you have to manually unlock the driver's door to get out? I just traded my 2014 XLT in on a 2018 XLT, and they both unlock when put into park with the engine running. I do this at least once a week at the town transfer station as...
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    Winter/Snow tires

    I put Continental Winter Contact SI with XL walls tires on my 2014 Explorer - I swapped them out in spring for regular tires as you are planning. I was happy with them. I live in NH and we see our fair share of cold, snow and ice in our hilly, windy-road state. I made sure I got the XL winter...
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    New Winter Tires Diameter Change

    Just wanted to thank you all for the discussion on this post. I traded in my 2014 with 18" wheels for a 2018 that has 20" wheels. Was going to put my barely used 245-60R18 109h xl snow tires on CL, and then thought, hey, let's check to see if I can use them on the 2018 if I bought rims. Never...
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    Cargo area, 3rd row seat back cracks.

    I bought a 2014 XLT April 2018, and didn't notice that the backs of the 2nd row seating was cracked. Knowing that I would be putting weight back there, and since I rarely (as in almost never), need any of my seats in a passenger carrying position, I put a large sheet of cardboard down, a layer...
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    Explorer 2014 XLT gas consumption

    I will go with that - however, that is what he is using, so it is apples to apples *regardless of accuracy). Assuming of course, that both of ours are set to approximately the same generosity. It would mean absolutely nothing if I gave him my calculated values.
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    Explorer 2014 XLT gas consumption

    Just for comparison, my 2014 X:T, with 103k miles, gets 20-23 MPG. I have reset the dashboard twice since I got it two months ago. I drive a lot of hills, but also most of my driving is between 45 & 60 mph with few stops / little in-town driving. Twice I have hauled 1/2 ton (in the bed, not...
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    My First Explorer

    Check that the A/C works. Got a 2014 two months ago and tried to use the A/C for the first time last week. Haven't had it in for diagnostics yet, but this could get expensive (might not, but my luck doesn't tend to run that good). My mistake, I checked the heater, but not the A/C since I rarely...
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    What did you do to your 5th Gen?

    I know that many forums limit what you can post until you get to a set amount of posts. Pictures are usually the type of thing that is limited until you get something like 10 posts in. I don't know if this forum does that though.
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    What did you do to your 5th Gen?

    Johnnoriega: I gotta admit at first glance I wasn't a fan of the red wheels but watching the video, especially at the angle around 0:34 (and the following walk around), they look great. I think it is the exact side view shot that mislead me into my original impression. 14Explorer548: I think...
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    What did you do to your 5th Gen?

    Ooh, I really like the way that came out. I kind of like the way the rims really stick out now, but they will look sharp powder coated too.
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    What did you do to your 5th Gen?

    Gotta show pics when the chrome delete is complete. I have that same color and think that would be awesome!
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    Jumped up 10 Years

    I used that thread to help make my decisions :chug:. I ordered Husky front floor liners and Weather tech cargo liner.
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    Jumped up 10 Years

    So I finally synced up my phone and found the Navigation works :bounce:. Yeah, although I'm fairly techy at work, I've never used blue tooth on my phone (I got nothing so important to talk about it can't wait until I am stopped), nor have I had on-board navigation. The manual doesn't...
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    Jumped up 10 Years

    Thank you for the link - I'll have to check it out! I don't think my truck has the voice commands, but then again it could. I just have such simple needs that I haven't looked that far into it. Changing it was the first thing I did when I hit the forum this morning :p. To be fair, I did leave...
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    Jumped up 10 Years

    It has the tow package but I have a mostly swampy yard so don't have much area to try to park a trailer in. But, I'll keep an eye out and see if there is anything that looks like it will work
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    Jumped up 10 Years

    Over the weekend I traded in my Fire Red 2004 Explorer XLS for a Charcoal Gray 2014 Ex XLT. OMG - just how long does it take to get used to all the gizmos and electronics when you are coming from a fairly base vehicle. Most awesome things so far: All the speakers work :), ride is great, gas...
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    So long 2013, hello 2015.

    That is me - I passed on looking at several seemingly good deals because of the white interior. I don't have dogs, but do use the truck to do truck-type things so need a color that doesn't show the dirt so much.