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    2020 Explorer

    Came back to say I.Hate.That.Stupid.Ipad.Looking.Screen. That is all.
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    I love it! Here she is:
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    Believe me, it's a Jeep Cherokee (not Grand, I have never liked them), I ponied up for that warranty. :D Y'all, I wanted to love that 2014 Explorer SO BAD... It was Deep Impact Blue, leather, had the premium stereo and voice activation system, I thought for sure it was a no brainer to go to...
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    Since Sylvia's transmission seemed to be heading into the direction of a 3rd rebuild, I put my 2006 XLT out to pasture today. I test drove a 2014 Explorer and hated it. It was heavy, I didn't like the way it handled, all the screens annoyed me, and the turn signal made me stabby. I wanted...
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    Hesitation & hard shifting after PCM replaced?

    I recently had my old bird (06 XLT, 4.0) serviced with a brake overhaul, and the PCM, EGR valve, and Oxygen sensors were replaced. Ever since though, my transmission has been shifting hard and at least once a day at a stop light I'll take my foot off the brake and either I'll sit there, roll...
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    Possible Upgrade (06 to 14)

    Sylvia is throwing 3 emissions codes and the transmission is hesitating and rough shifting, so I am going to let her go. I am looking at a 2014 Deep Impact Blue XLT - any issues I should look out for besides the fumes in the cabin issue? Anyone else made the leap? (I'm also looking at the...
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    Got a factory stereo question for you guys!

    Just FYI, if you go aftermarket, you basically unlock the full potential of the speakers - after my changer died I put a JVC head unit in and I've basically been driving the club ever since.
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    Post service issues (Transmission/Computer)

    The (06 XLT V6) old bird spent a week in the shop getting the brakes overhauled (have been absolutely AMAZING since), and they had to replace the computer and 3 sensors. (Engine light on, sputtering, stalling, felt like it was clogged up somewhere.) Ever since I got it back a week ago though...
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    Sylvia is: IN THE SHOP

    Sylvia is: IN THE SHOP
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    Your Mom drives the club

    Your Mom drives the club
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    Front end collision

    As an aside, It was about $600 to get the front bumper replaced when that Prius bounced off my front end. You might want to check the front impact bar to see if it sustained damage. Mine luckily did not.
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    2006 Explorer new to me SUV :)

    I just replaced the alternator in mine at 150K. It's probably that. I'm on my 4th Thermostat housing though, so get used to that.
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    Transmission flare up on 2-3 shift

    Mine is in the transmission shop right now for this same issue - last week it seemed to be running raggedy, the wrench light came on, and when I went uphill the RPM's shot to almost 6. I drove it straight to the shop and they said it's missing 2nd gear and they are going to have to pull the...
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    Why I Hate My New 2006 XLT V6

    You know. My 06 (her name is Sylvia) is a money pit. If I have the windows rolled down and use the windshield wipers, the water drips straight into the car. The back driver's side window gets stuck in the winter but as soon as the humidity kicks in it starts working again. The tire...
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    S.O.S!! 06 explorer grinds in 2nd gear!

    Yeah, I had all this happen before my 06's transmission died. Hard shifts, grinding, clunks when you throw it in reverse, you name it. After the transmission was rebuilt it was a COMPLETELY different vehicle to drive. You can nickel and dime it now, but it is worth it to pay the piper.
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    Unmaintained Explorer 2006 - what to do 1st?

    My 06 is at 138K miles. Here's what's had to be done to mine, so some of these you might want to keep in mind: Radiator replaced at 28K and 80K. Thermostat Housing (I have to replace this almost every 18 mos) Transmission rebuilt (if it jerks going into reverse, get it looked at NOW) Front...
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    Coolant leak, not radiator

    Every time I have coolant and no radiator leak it's the thermostat housing.
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    AdvanceTrac light

    When I was getting onto the interstate this morning, my Advancetrac light came on and stayed on until I got to my next exit. There was just a little shudder when it did and I continued on. I pulled into a gas station and turned the truck off and it didn't come back on again when I restarted, so...
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    Thermostat Housings

    Since my 06 just ate another one, I was wondering if anyone is using the metal fabricated ones that are available on Ebay for the Explorer on theirs, and if so, what's been your experience?
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    2006 Explorer 6CD changer LOAD ERROR message

    I had the same problem with mine. The fix is to replace the head unit. You will get better response from the speakers afterward, too.
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    Buy or pass on buying 2006 models

    FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY PASS. That is, unless you have a big budget to replace the thermostat housing and radiator on a regular basis, and probably the transmission at some point. has now upgraded its banner to "Avoid like the plague" and they are not kidding...
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    Buying explorer what are pro's & con's of the 2002-05 model versus the 2006-10 model?

    Note on the 2006: Prepare to replace your radiator and thermostat housing repeatedly, and probably the transmission too. Avoid this model year like the plague.
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    2008 Explorer transmission shifting issues

    I went to an independent transmission shop that's been around for 40 years. $1900 for the rebuild.
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    2008 Explorer transmission shifting issues

    BTW, I got my truck back a week ago. Apparently my transmission has been balls the ENTIRE time I've owned it, because the thing drives COMPLETELY different than it ever has before. No jerks, no bumps, no crabby shifting, no clunking in reverse, NOTHING. Just smooth shifting. It's that...
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    2008 Explorer transmission shifting issues

    Yeah, my 2006 is in the shop right now for same thing - flipping out between 2nd/3rd, hard shifts, etc, but I am also getting the wrench & check engine lights. It is throwing a code for a 3rd Gear Ratio Error and the transmission is having to be rebuilt. Get a transmission shop to look at...