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    diagnose cause of loose steering (video included)

    It's already wore out. I didn't say wrench it down. Turn it until you feel resistance and stop. Other than that buy a new one.
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    diagnose cause of loose steering (video included)

    First check the center drag link. It'll have a ball joint on one end. Try to rotate the drag link. It should not budge. That done, on your steering gear opposite side of the shaft you'll notice a big nut and a theaded rod sticking out. Red circle on picture above. It'll either have a Allen head...
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    Rough Idle... High Hydrocarbons

    I did some checking and 1992 was a change over year. I think it has the air injection pump driven by the fan belt. You should have about a 1" pipe going to the exhaust manifold. Locate it. Off of the pipe you'll see a 1/4" pipe. Attached to it is a rubber hose. It might be covered with a white...
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    Pizza boss said he doesn't want me delivering in my Explorer if it's leaking.

    Make you a X-large pizza dough, extra crispy. Toss it under the vehicle each delivery. Attach a string to it for easy retrieval. 😄
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    Rough Idle... High Hydrocarbons

    If you find it's the EGR control valve reply back and I'll tell you a possible fix where you don't have to buy one.
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    Rough Idle... High Hydrocarbons

    Trust your computer. You have an EGR, 4.0 right? All cars from 1986 have them, its mandatory. The parts store list it. It's on the driver's side towards the front of the exhaust manifold mounted right in front of the oil dipstick. Unplug the vacuum hose on top of it and plug it with your finger...
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    06 gremlins

    Check your IRMCs. They have a rod that sticks in a plastic piece that tends to break and the rod falls off making the IRMC useless. Did you have a bad battery/alternator event? Corroded ground? It could have been a low voltage throwing all them. Check your voltage. Take it one code at a time...
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    Coolant Loss Troubleshooting Help

    Coolant full, run the engine and if the waterpump is bad it will leak at the back inside corner of the AC compressor. You'll see a big hole right in front of the oil filter. If that area is wet I'd say it is the waterpump. I question it because you should get 100,000 miles out of it but that...
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    opinions wanted - sell my 1997 Explorer v8 AWD 115k to buy 2010 Explorer 4.6 135k

    The 2010 is also a good Explorer and at that price it's worth it. Keep in mind the 97 5.0 is well sought after. Some of them had the Mustang heads. You can easily sell it. I'd buy it if you weren't so far away. I know a guy that needs it.
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    Pizza boss said he doesn't want me delivering in my Explorer if it's leaking.

    The OHV engine it's easy to get the pan off in place. For $100 on Rock Auto you can get a new Dorman pan and Felpro gasket. As far as JBWeld goes there are different kinds. You want one that is oil resistant. The surface has to be 100% clean. Use carb or brake cleaner to prep it and sand it if...
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    Blown motor?? Let's just swap it out for a v8

    I would pull the heads before making a final diagnosis. You have to pull the plenum and exhaust manifolds to pull the motor so you're almost there. A 5.0 is nice but first you have to find one. Mustangs got first dibs and junkyards are starting to crush the old Explorers.
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    How to know if wheel bearings are bad

    I could find an easier repair to beat you out of money. You are at that mileage and he's experienced.The easiest way to tell is go to Harbor Freight and buy a cheap laser thermometer. Drive your vehicle awhile then shoot the temperature of each wheel. The bad wheel bearing one will be noticeably...
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    Bad u joint?

    The tail housing on the 5r55 transmissions inside is dead space. The only thing in there is the park actuator, but yes lube the seal.
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    Is this a safe jack point? (picture)

    You're on concrete which is good. Double up with your floor jack for added protection. What will get you is (A) your vehicle is not chocked and can roll, (B) you're on unstable ground or an incline or the jack can sink.
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    Bad u joint?

    Crawl under the vehicle and try to twist the drive shaft. You should be able to see if there is play in the driveshaft. Being directional it sounds like a motor mount. Driver side to be more specific. Have someone stick it in reverse while you watch the engine. You'll see the engine move...
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    Riding down the freeway

    Keep your suspension maintained. One of the neglected items is your stabilizer bar bushings and end link bushings. They help greatly with curves and cornering. Your steering rod dampener and shocks is another item.
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    CMHSL "Center Mounted High Stop Lamp" repro desirability inquiry

    Try a heat gun or blow dryer. It should soften the glue up.
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    CMHSL "Center Mounted High Stop Lamp" repro desirability inquiry

    I have a 97 with the long skinny 3rd brake light. It works off a ballast and costs an arm and a leg for a new one. One day I was in Walmart Automotive and saw a cut to fit LED strip. I took everything apart and put that in there. I cut the wires and bypassed everything. That was 3 years ago...
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    Question for anyone – 2002 Explorer Blend Door Actuator?

    I did mine that way. Worked like a charm. RockAuto has several kits.
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    Wife’s 2015 Ford Explorer sport she wants it built for off road.

    Off roading or running off the road? lol. That case mount a 12,000 lb winch on the front.
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    2001 Sport "Tadpole"

    Just go with a stock TC. Why bypass the tranny cooler in the radiator? Just add the external cooler to it and you have two. Sounds like you have loss of fluid pressure due to old gaskets and seals or you are getting torque converter slip which will heat your fluid up hot. 5r55e are about the...
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    Proper procedure for adding Pag oil to AC system

    When you get a new compressor it will have the proper amount or should we say a sufficient amount. I have got compressors with PAG-100 when you need PAG-46. That case I drain into a measuring cup and replace the same amount. The rest of the oil I put in the new accumulator. Where. do you fill...
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    first start

    Just a thought, if you had the engine out the MAF is sitting there exposed collecting dust. Spray clean the little teeny wires with contact cleaner or carb cleaner. A little bit of dust will mess you up.
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    Help identifying this disconnected cable

    Wiring harnesses are cut to fit. Not too short and not too long. That should give you an idea on its position. If the inside of the plug is dirty it probably hasn't been used. If all else fails get the wire cutters out. 😀
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    Where is the Cooling Fan Control Module located on 2017 Explorer?

    The recall applies to 2016-2018 Explorers made at the Chicago plant. The fix is to replace the four connectors the high speed relay plugs into. You can always unplug the relay until you get it fixed. Perhaps they sold you the ambient air temperature sensor? Your ECM use that info on how fast to...