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    what parts control the camber and the caster?

    If I were you get the facts on whats going on first. Kits for alignment are unlikely. Start there.
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    So long.....

    Well folks after 9 years of (2) Explorer ownership and 22 years of Ford ownership/driving them its done. Selling my 2011 Explorer tomorrow. Value went up $1500 in 2 months. Had far less problems due to 2wd (vs 4wd) but it's been bittersweet in terms of ownership. Just under $6400 trade in and...
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    2012 Rear Suspension Rattle - Going insane!

    Hopefully you were able to get answers. My thoughts: Something loose Sway bar links/bushings Rear control arms/bushings Shocks Others mentioned It has 190k and it's tired.
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    what parts control the camber and the caster?

    Take to someone that has the time and expertise. Don't diagnose and throw money or make decisions based upon what you hear on this forum.... Somethings are best left to others.
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    Bad Lower ball joint

    Have it diagnosed and replaced if needed.
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    Nail in 1 tire --> Told to replace all 4!?!?

    8/32 on rest of tires isn't a new tire. Happened to me and I bought 4 new tires. Not worth the gamble and I got a killer deal back in late 2019. Tires aren't something I'd gamble my families safety on. Or an excuse to trade it in.
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    PIU Towing

    Tow button Different the rear end(odd why wouldn't improve) Coolers may be different. Maybe not... Software? Honestly I can't help you more. Folks complain about these towing 4000 non PI with tow package.
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    PIU Towing

    Or at the risk of others. Its negligence if you were to be in an accident. There are other things in the drivetrain that are not beefed up(coolers etc).
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    Brake bleeding issue

    Caliper Never had to wait 100 to 200 miles for pedal to come back....
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    Motorcraft or Bilstein, others are junk. Get new mounts. Don't mess with the all in one.
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    2016 Explorer Interceptor engine video...Opinions on the noise, please?

    I don't know if the water pumps make noise when failing. I have an odd noise in that side of town where the pump is. Its faint but doing for years sounds like a faint train whistle. Consider the alternator is next door more likely that. Just for what its worth. Your noise and my noise are miles...
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    Headlamp Fuse?

    Look in your manual. That's where we'd find it. They are available online as well.
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    Exhaust leak?

    Never had stainless steel mufflers rust in Wisconsin..... they last.
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    Hood Deflector

    No but put another brand on and its easy. See if another brand is similar and has video.
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    2014 steering issue

    Are you familiar with variable speed steering? Looser at lower speeds and tighter at faster speeds? These EPS do get a bit twitchy at time. Seems like it looses up for a second. That might be what you mention. Our Sienna does that and they don't have EPS issues.
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    engine swap v6 to v8 2013

    Completely different animal even if the designer at one-point was the same.
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    Treadwear Issue with Ventus S1 Noble 2 Hankooks

    I had them on my 03. They were OK. Not great not bad.... there are better tires that are newer now. Check out.
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    2014 Explorer (PIU) Front End Body Swap To 2016/19 Look

    Length is different of the two styles. Who knows what bumper this comes from but this is likely a mess from insurance, resale etc perspective. Frankenstein. I guarantee there would need to be customization. Parts might be cheap but the customization will cost. I guess what is the end game other...
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    engine swap v6 to v8 2013

    Heh. 35k....I'm a free market guy but that my friend makes no sense.
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    Best Source for 2016 Explorer Shop Manual[s]

    Ford has online subscription for like 72 hours for 20 or so.dollars. Enough time to DL. Dont remember the name sorry.
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    Today’s topic...front suspension!!!!!

    What is your expectation for the sway bar links? I would suggest read reviews on other brands. Moog, Dorman etc are junk. Grease zerks fall out, dry out etc. Been there done that. I had a boot ripped at 20k on my MC sway bar link but compared to the subpar stuff, miles above. I replaced my front...