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    No injector pulse, no EEC-IV Diagnostics

    Does your check engine light come on when you turn the key to run? If not, leave the key on and open your power distribution box (where all the relays are), and give the relays a wiggle. Check to see if the CE light comes on and try starting. I have a problem with dieing and no starting...
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    does anyone here have a gear ratio of 3:55 and runnin on 33s

    Not to mention, your motor is much happier in its power band. The OHV motor likes being in the 2000-2500 RPM range better than 1500-2000 RPM range when it comes to milage. Sounds strange I know, but these things are designed this way.
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    Drive shaft yoke bolts

    Thanks again for the replies, I plan to use some heat to break down the loctite, then spray some deepcreep in there. Big ole brakerbar should get me started. I only rounded two bolt heads before stopping, one front and one back. Decided I could get the joints changed and worry about the bolts...
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    Drive shaft yoke bolts

    Rangerx and IZwack, thanks for the reply. I didn't try the 12mm because the 13 fit so well, my bad. IZwack, thanks for the link, I'll give them a try, they are inexpensive and if they aren't the right size, no biggie, I'll goto the dealer. Those sucks are really really tight, hope the 12mm will...
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    Drive shaft yoke bolts

    Set out to change my U-Joints in my rear driveshaft this afternoon. Trouble was, I couldn't get the bolts out of either the front or back yoke. I used a 13mm socket that fit the head of the bolts, but they just rounded off when I tried to get then off. So I changed the U-Joints in place, it was...
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    Rusted nut

    Yes it runs fine,,,just noisy......I'll eventually get it fixed.... are you replacing the tube? if so, where did you get it, do you have the part number, and how much did it cost
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    Rusted nut

    Mine is broken as runs fine,,,the worst that would happen you'll get a code.....
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    Weird glitch - 94 Explorer Sport

    I've had this problem at times also. But mine was related to the button on the remote sticking.
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    A/C Could be better

    I'll give it a shot AFTER I fix the broken spark plug that I just broke off doing a tune up....
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    A/C Could be better

    At idle or moving, didn't matter but a degree or two. I had to raise rpm's to 2000 to get it that temp also.
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    A/C Could be better

    I have a '94 Exploder XLT, I recently topped off my system. The ambient temp is 80, LO Side PSI is 34, HIGH Side PSI is 248, and the pump is not cycling but engaged. Control panel temp set to cold, selector set to MAX and the vent temperature is 52 degrees, nothing colder. The hotter it gets...