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    Project Mud Sl*t

    very true, haha. its an insane motor, but im getting a real diesel dually come spring sooo i think i'll wait to make that one nasty. i just want this one for trail reliability.
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    Project Mud Sl*t

    The 7.3 is huge, way more custom work (push back firewall, etc) whereas the 4bt is about the same size as a 4.0. and its a cummins, which is used in dodges and, the 4bt specifically, chevy step vans. not built by either though. same with the 7.3. used in fords, but not built by ford. i would...
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    Project Mud Sl*t

    i need to do something about the motor, shes a little tired... im not sure which route i want to go. i dont want to waste my time or money with another 4.0, but ive read up on the 302 swap and it gets pricey due to custom everything, ecspecially headers. if im going to spend alot of money, im...
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    Project Mud Sl*t

    well the work has finally started on my 91. as of right now she sits on 31s with some autozone spacers up front. surprisingly no rub whatsoever. 4.0 automatic with 321,873 miles on her. original motor, second trans. not too bad if you ask me. but shes starting to show it... so its time for a...
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    Purple Power

    well i recently picked up a 94 extended cab 2wd with a 3.0 and a 5spd. had 122k when i got it and runs like a champ. only thing it needed was one tire (too many 1 wheel peels). i traded my broken a$$ terd of a 4wheeler for it. i think i did fairly well. anyway enough chat. onto the pics...
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    Ranger Owners: Show Off Your Truck

    theres my new 94 3.0 v6 5spd 2wd. bone stock but i love her! hopefully lifted by spring... :dunno: <--my registry
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    Problem with my 4x4

    thats because if your doing it manually, it means you took your shift module off which means it cant read where it is therefore not being able to tell whether or not its in 4wd
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    Problem with my 4x4

    yes because it wont be in 4wd- therefore not telling it to alert you that it is.
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    Part's rig

    catalytic converter- easy 50 bucks at the scrap yard to spend buyin more things of him :p:
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    Problem with my 4x4

    no, not from your hubs. the computer in the back of the explorer makes a *click* when trying to engage your 4wd. if it doesnt make this click, it means the button isnt working properly. its located behind the panel that covers your drivers side rear wheelwell
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    93 explorer kick panel

    sweetttt. you just made my day haha. didnt know that, thought it was aftermarket or something :p: thanks for the info!
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    Problem with my 4x4

    if only it was that easy.. its may be the button itself, but probably your shift motor(rebuildable, search the forums, theres a great thread on it) when you push the button, listen carefully. you should hear a click from the computer in the back( behind drivers side rear door kinda) if it...
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    custom lift

    with some slight modification, you can use f150 seats and coils for i believe 4 inches (not positive on that) i do know the coil seats give you 2 inches.anything more than 2 inches, your def. going to want some drop brackets, cause itll never align. and for the back, add a leaf and shackles are...
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    Just "inherited" 94 Ford Explorer is a mess

    punch out your cat. just did it on my car. had alot of similiar issues. bogging, serious power loss, smelled of gas really bad. now it runs like a champ, and sounds better IMO.
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    grinding brakes/soft pedal

    i feel like this doesnt have anything to do with your brakes. you say its gotten worse. you've basically described my cars problem right now, and it needs a wheel bearing. just a thought.
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    93 explorer kick panel

    i like your custom console there, very nice, im working on mine right now itll be pretty similiar. i have a question though, about your stock console. mine only has this one hideous cup holder design. is yours like aftermarket or is it stock for the 93? i have a 91...and the console sucks :( . lol
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    Problem with my 4x4

    good point on the price there, another thought is to look for used manual ones. may not be ideal, but they work and can be had for cheap. i know almost everyone out here puts in manual hubs, even if its just a DD, so if you find someone parting one out, you could probably get the whole setup for...
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    Problem with my 4x4

    ^agreed, sounds like your hubs. save yourself future hassle, get some manual hubs, much better. i have warn manual hubs on mine and there great
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    f150 front end?

    i understand that, im just looking for a little insight, if anyones done it. i want to do it myself, well, me and my brother (he has a lot more fab experience than i do) so i have something i know top to bottom, i like doing things myself. i dont want to have just another lifted vehicle, i want...
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    f150 front end?

    i know, itd be custom of course, just wondering if remotely possible to basically use the arms. im looking for the wider stance and more travel.
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    f150 front end?

    so i have done a little with the search tab, but with no such luck. im looking to see if its possible to put in a front end from an older 2wd f150 into my 91 explorer. im going for a prerunner style truck, not just looks either, but dont have a lot of money. i thought i remembered reading of...
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    My 97 Exploder Pre-runneresk Project...

    very nice build. i like where it sits. makes me want a newer one now, i have a 91
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    Show off your LIFTED 1 Gen

    how much did the parts for the front end lift run you total?