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  1. LBarr2002

    EF 20th Anniversary Events - Planning for 2016!!!

    Rick, the 10th anniversary east coast trip to Crozet is what got me hooked. It was my first big trip and even though I broke 100 ft into the first trail I still had a blast. I sold both my Explorers around 2009, but this forum got me started. Since then I've built 5 rigs of my own and worked...
  2. LBarr2002

    Tellico Reopening!!!!

    I just saw this. This IS NOT the trail system you all know as Tellico. Those trails have been destroyed. We went to this property (Snowbird) a couple of years ago and it has tons of potential. As far as Uwharrie, we quit doing that when Burns moved, but I think he's back now? I talked to...
  3. LBarr2002

    Push button start

    Go to Bulldog Security's website and get the installation instructions for one of their remote start systems. That's how I did mine, and probing wires... It was so long ago I don't remember much about it though.
  4. LBarr2002

    NW GA Area Run

    Durhamtown is NE GA. I'd be interested in this but it's the same weekend as the Clemson 4Wheel Center Poker run and I've already paid.
  5. LBarr2002

    Presidents' Weekend SC Offroad Run

    Mid Carolina Jeepers will be there.
  6. LBarr2002

    Anyone here near the Charleston, SC area or in SC in general?

    Rule of thumb is to double the weight of the rig and that's the minimum you should get. I bet yours weighs more than you think too. My samurai weighs 3,100 lbs. I have a smittybilt xrc 8000lb and I have been in situations that bog it down. I've never heard of Ruff stuff but the smittybilt is...
  7. LBarr2002

    Anyone here near the Charleston, SC area or in SC in general?

    I wouldn't waste your money on that winch if you're just doing it for going to Gulches. First off, you need more than a 5000 lb winch to be safe. Second, Gulches is a pretty small place and there's always people around that will be willing to help you out. You'll have a good time. If you...
  8. LBarr2002

    Anyone here near the Charleston, SC area or in SC in general?

    I've got something else planned that weekend or I would come out. I'm only about an hour away from Gulches.
  9. LBarr2002

    Gulches ORV in SC (was Durhamtown)

    My club is talking about doing a bbq that day, but we haven't made any decisions yet. If its later in the day I may ride up, just have to see.
  10. LBarr2002

    Gulches ORV in SC (was Durhamtown)

    Depending on the date I might meet you guys at Gulches. Don't have an Explorer any more, but I could bring the XJ :).
  11. LBarr2002

    Gulches ORV in SC (was Durhamtown)

    I go to Gulches regularly. There's something for everybody and it you pick a weekend when there are some big buggies in the park it's fun to watch them attack Skinny Pedal Ridge.
  12. LBarr2002

    Gulches ORV in SC (was Durhamtown)

    Mid Carolina Jeepers did a club trip to Durhamtown earlier this year. There isn't a lot for trucks, but they're cutting in new trails. We ran Slippery Nipple twice and had a blast, then played around on some hills because its a lot of clay and was soaked. When I go back, I'd like to take the...
  13. LBarr2002

    Wheel Stud Failure...

    I know this thread is ancient but I thought about this again and figure I should put the resolution here in case anyone else stumbles on this thread. The friend that owned the truck at the time got some other wheels and brought the keystones back to me. There was a hairline crack between two of...
  14. LBarr2002

    Ford 8.8 Rear, 5.13's

    I used the notched pin...
  15. LBarr2002

    Combining 2 '91 xlt manuals

    Are you planning on using the engine from the red one or blue one? If using the blue one's engine, I would do the swap from underneath. It's a lot more work (hoses, wiring, accessories) to remove the motor just to swap transmissions and put it back in. If you plan to use the engine and...
  16. LBarr2002

    Is this normal?

    I think you need to swap to an R-134A compressor too? I did anyway, but you can get them from a junkyard off of a newer 4.0 OHV explorer and they'll interchange.
  17. LBarr2002

    Is this normal?

    I would say you're low on freon. There is a low pressure switch that cuts the clutch out when pressure is too low to keep from burning up your compressor. If it cycles on and off, the pressure is low. You may be able to get by with adding a can of freon, or you may have a larger leak that...
  18. LBarr2002

    1991 Mazda Navajo rear diff question

    if you spin one tire, either the other tire has to turn the opposite way, or the driveshaft could be turning if the trans is in neutral.
  19. LBarr2002

    1991 Mazda Navajo rear diff question

    When unloaded (both rear wheels off the ground) you are correct that the opposite wheel will rotate the other way. When loaded, the wheel with less traction will spin and the other will not move, it will not go the other way... Code 45 is open 3.55 gear. From the chart I'm looking at there...
  20. LBarr2002

    Change Your Plugs!

    When I got my '92, it had 5 recently changed plugs and one original at over 200,000 miles... I guess that one was so hard to get to they just never changed it... The whole electrode was gone. I wish I would have taken pictures of that.
  21. LBarr2002

    George Washington Nation Forest Run, 9/24/11

    Unclemeat, is this the same trail we did in 2006 after the Crozet trip? I would love to go back but that's not going to happen this year. If it is the same trail, you guys shouldn't have anything to worry about with semi-stock rigs. I ran it in '06 after busting an auto hub at Crozet. So...
  22. LBarr2002

    Foxracin's 1991 Exploder

    I don't think they'd have much range, but should do a pretty good job as floods right around the back. Get them and let me know how they turn out. I don't have any backup lights on the Sami right now.
  23. LBarr2002

    Official 2011 Uwharrie Planning Thread

    Yay! My internet is back! First and most important: Me on Kodak: Trevor on Kodak:
  24. LBarr2002

    Official 2011 Uwharrie Planning Thread

    Well, the storm Wed damaged some hardware at our ISP. Internet is in and out, and as soon as I start an upload it drops... I'll get them one day.