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    How do you install new shocks on Gen 3 X?

    I have about 60K on my X and was looking to install some new shocks. I have the Ground Force lowering kit already installed and was looking to put in some Monroe Reflex's. Anyway...I have done shocks on an E30 BMW and E36 M3 - nothing on a truck though. Does anyone have a write-up, photo...
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    Chip for the beast

    I ordered mine last week (Bama Chip), can't wait till it shows up!!!!!
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    3rd Gen Explorer mods

    So what is the name of the Monroe's that you got, and where did you get them? I looked at Monroe's website but it isn't very helpful and I can't seem to find anyone that sells them online.
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    Which shocks/struts should I get?

    I just got my X back from being lowered today with Ground Force (FMS) springs. Got them from Summit with free shipping - gotta love Summit. Anyway I was thinking about getting some new shocks/struts for my truck. Does anyone make performance shocks/struts for lowered 4Wd X's and where could I...
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    3rd Gen Explorer mods

    I just got my FMS (AKA Ground Force) springs in and am having them installed on Tuesday. I noticed that you have Eibach springs and Monroe shocks. Do you think the shocks really help?
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    2002 lowering question

    I just purchased the one from Ford Racing today. Give me a few weeks and I will tell you if 4WD still works ;)
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    Just bought some Springs for the X

    Just placed my order for some Ford Racing lowering springs for the X. I tried to buy some from Explorer Express but after I placed the order they emailed me and said the price went up $50 (which is a 25% price increase!!) and that they quoted me the wrong shipping over the internet and that...
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    Spring install in MA?

    When the snow finally stops for the year I am going to lower my '02 XLT with the spring kit from Explorer Express. Does anyone know a good place to get this installed in the Boston area?
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    Does anyone have a blower on their 4.6L Gen III?

    For a while now I have been looking for a blower for my 4.6L X but no one seemed to have a kit. Now I found one using an Eaton M90 that looks promising. Does anyone have this kit?
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    Small problem on a 3rd Gen Bulb install

    I think the only way to do it is to take out the pins. When I do it I try to wiggle them side to side a bit to loosen them up. Just make sure you pull up and not out.
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    Angel eye conversion?

    I haven't seen those posts in a while but I know that some people were wondering about E39 style(5 series) angel eye conversions. I think this might be possible on X's if you buy ZKW's or DEPO's with DDE(daylight demon eyes). There are kits available that you could probably cut up and make fit...
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    Anyone make a supercharger for Gen 3?

    I was wondering if anyone makes a blower for a 4.6L? Kenne Bell used to advertise them but I guess never actually produced them. I emailed KB and they said that they don't and never did sell it because the demand was too low. I also know that Vortech makes blowers for the 4.6L trucks but...
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    Got 18's Need Tires....

    Does EE sell the scoop? I always hear you talk about products on here but can never find them on your website. Edit: Alas I did find it during a forum search. You guys really need to update your website or make a new catalog or something.
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    Got 18's Need Tires....

    Hey John, is that the 35th anniversary Mustang scoop? Looks too short to be the 01+ GT hood. Was that hard to put on? What did it take?
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    Got 18's Need Tires....

    Do you think those white Bullit rims would fit a Gen III X? Mainly I worry about the hub size and rubbing
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    Where to get KMC Stealths? (18")

    Thank you m435tro. Yeah, those are some nice looking wheels. Thanks for the site Hartman. I did a google search but had never heard of any of the companies. Is that company good? Have people on the board done biz with them?
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    Where to get KMC Stealths? (18")

    I still can't seem to find the right rims for my truck. I really want the S Style 18" rims but think they are too wide. People say they fit, but then again I can't seem to find any pics of people with them on Gen III X's. So I was looking into the Stealths. Anyone know a reputable site that...
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    Borla on Gen III?

    I was wondering if any of your guys had a Borla cat-back on your V8 Gen III's? I know they are real expensive but I generally love them. Have one on my V8 99 Mustang GT and on my 2000 Miata. Love the deep sound and the fact that they aren't too loud. I know that Gibson and Magnaflow also...
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    clicking sound

    They have that problem in the Gen 3's because of the tie rods/ball joints. That is most likely the only problem.
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    Speed grill for Gen 3?

    I was wondering if anyone makes a mesh grill for the Gen 3 Explorer 4 doors?
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    Tranny problem on 02 4 door V8

    Anyone know a site to check the service bulletins for Ford?
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    Tranny problem on 02 4 door V8

    Car has 20K on it. Haven't really don't any preventative maintenance on it. It is only a little over a year old.
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    frequence of window tinting tickets

    I have 20% on mine which is illegal in Ma and have never been pulled over. I like 20% because it matches the factory tint in the back. Gives it a nice clean look.
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    Does anyone have 03 Cobra rims on their 02+ X?

    Does have custom 17"/18" rims on their Gen 3 X?
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    Are the 02+ mirrors the same as the 01- mirrors?

    I have seen the carbon fiber side mirror covers from a couple of places. They all say that they fit the 94-01 Explorers. Are the mirrors on my 02 4 door that much different? They look about the same. Can anyone help?