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    Goofy engine Temp issues

    I've got a question about engine temp. once my engine heats up my temp gauge slowly bounces between 130 degrees and 240 degrees. It stays at the L for about a minute and goes back to normal. Anyone else have this issue? No overheating. Maybe thermostat is going bad? 4.0 manual.
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    Which aftermarket companies still make/sell parts for 1gens?

    Hey fellas. I know it's probably a shot in the dark searching online for aftermarket parts for our 1st gens. But if you know of any vendor's, Post up the URLs. I've been using RockAuto and James Duff mostly. Would love to find more sites online. Cheer's
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    Ran great. Went out to dinner. Won't start ??

    Yes. It's not seized. I drive it daily
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    Ran great. Went out to dinner. Won't start ??

    Solid advice! I'll start working on it now
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    Ran great. Went out to dinner. Won't start ??

    Hey fellas. I've got something strange going on with my 93, 4.0, 5 spd. Haven't had any issues at all and went out today to do some errands and went out to dinner got back in my truck and it wouldn't start. Really confused.. key in ignition, turn over to aux, windows, door locks, Radio work...
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    50 wet/dry shot on 4.0?

    Hey I've been thinking about buying a 50 shot zex kit for my 4.0 Explorer for some added HP on hill climbs. Has anyone ran a 50 shot of their engine's? Pros/cons?
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    Can I swap these air intake tubes easily? 94/95

    I bought high temp tape and wrapped the **** out of the stock air tubing. Air is about 12 degrees cooler with a temp gun. I also modified the stock air box inlet with ducting to the grill. KN drop in filter.
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    Rear anti-lock light

    Rear anti-lock light came on this morning. Driving to work pulling up to a red light I applied a little bit more break and a notice the rear basically locked up temporarily and slid about a foot. What's the benefit of having anti-lock brakes in the rear? Is there a way to disconnect so they do...
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    Which coils interchange with rough country 4" lift brackets?

    I'm not sure. They are stiff tho. Bouncing around on rocks. Hard to find coils these days. 4-6"
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    Show off your LIFTED 1 Gen

    I'll buy your superlift when you sas
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    Which coils interchange with rough country 4" lift brackets?

    I currently have the RC 4" lift and brackets. I really hate the ride on the RC coils very rough off road. Looking for softer coil. what is the max size coil that can be ran with a 4-inch RC lift? Thanks fellas
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    Show off your LIFTED 1 Gen

    Guess who's back
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    Show off your LIFTED 1 Gen

    Just wanted to thank Explorer Forum admin for making this thread "Sticky" I created this thread back in 2005 when I was getting into Ford Explorer's. Met some great folks and learned a ton of info. Big thanks to "Froader" for being a good friend and supporter. Keep this thread alive folks. I am...
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    Please Help: How to disable anti-theft?

    Hey guy's. I need some major help ASAP. I have a 2000 ford ranger 2wd 4.0L. I drove down the the post office to get my mail and came back out and my truck would not start. I have narrowed it down to the stupid factory anti-theft alarm that will lock the ignition out and the power will not...
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    98-03 Ranger drop kits

    Hey guy's. I have a 01 reg cab ranger i am going to start working on. My goal would be something that i can DD on rough California street. I don't want to be slammed or use air ride or Hydro's. The biggest rim size i am willing to run would prob be a 17"-18". I think 20's would be to heavy...
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    Coolant Leak

    pressurize the radiator and start looking. water pump or t-stat housing is my guess.
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    Show off your LIFTED 1 Gen

    I am so glad to see people still posting in this thread i made over 5 years :exporange:us:
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    Show off your LIFTED 1 Gen

    nice to see this thread is still active.
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    (cracked)Intake Manifold Question

    was there any long term prob caused by the gasket leak ?
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    were are all the 20-22's Pictures ?

    i am in the market for some 22x9.5's to put on my 93 EB.. Just seeing if its been done on a 1st gen
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    (cracked)Intake Manifold Question

    the spacer were the pink rags are...
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    were are all the 20-22's Pictures ?

    I search and couldnt find but 3 trucks with 22's ? am i missing thre thread ?
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    (cracked)Intake Manifold Question

    I was looking to buy a 93 EB Explorer, with 123k automatic..the owner tells me the spacer between the upper and lower intake maifold is cracked and water is getting in there, i made an offer, and he sayd alright, i was just curious if there could be any long term engine probs from this ? the...
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    Wheelin' on the Cheap (Long Ramble)

    Burn is selling a superlift 5.5 complete front and rear, for like 600 i the parts for sale