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    no heat

    thanks alot BigRondo that repair is very detailed. it gives me the confidence to do it myself
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    no heat

    i did a temporary fix by flipping a relay . " The air distrobution control valve is stuck. Remove the glove compartment (swing it out of the way) & stick your head up inside the hole. You will see a black plastic piece that is bouncing up & down trying to close a contact. Gently push it...
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    no heat

    i have 2002 ford explorer xls . the vents are blowing air and the a/c works fine. now that its getting colder i flipped the switch to heat [manual controls ] i hear a clicking noise coming from behind the controls [ only happens when i turn it to heat] . is there a relay or something back...
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    2002 ford explorer with seven ob2 codes

    my girlfriend has a 2002 ford explorer xls 4x4 4.0L. she bought it used a while ago [about a year] . i recently went and checked the service engine soon codes and received these. p0171 -System Too Lean (Bank 1) p0300 -engine misfire p0304 -engine misfire p0305 -engine misfire p1131 -Lack of...