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    2020 Explorer Issues - 4WD Fault, Pre Collision Assist Not Available, Service Advance Trac

    Peter, do you know if your Aviator has a 4 bolt subframe? If so that could be why you might not have that feature. :dunno:
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    2014 explorer awd not working

    Try posting here. 2011 - 2019 Ford Explorer 5th Generation Explorer This is for the 6th Gen Explorers. You might find some help there.
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    Audio issues

    Are you updated to the lasted SYNC version 23188? If not that might help.
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    Hood Flutter Bug Deflector

    You could try raising the hood stops. They may not be touching the hood after you installed the hood shield. The latch might need to be adjusted also.
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    Hood Flutter Bug Deflector

    It's possible that the bug deflector is causing a vacuum causing the hood to lift. What brand is it?
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    Rear diff brace

    If you have 2020 I don't think you need one. It won't hurt any thing buy why spend the money? i
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    Second row passenger overhead vent not working

    I would sure ask. But have no idea if they would.
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    Remote Start & Climate Settings

    It's easy enough to turn them off. Or check to see if there is a separate fuse for them and pull it.
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    2021 Explorer Hybrid Liftgate not opening

    It is a button near the light switch. Works on mine.
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    Delays Affected the Police Also

    Just seen this on FB.
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    Mysterious/Annoying Rear Passenger Ceiling Noise

    it's a good chance it's from the sunshade. Been a number of posts about it.
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    I've haven't seen or heard of it. But have you updated your SYNC to 23188? Maybe that would help if not updated. EDIT: Corrected grammar.
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    2021 rear passenger door strip between window

    I would check with a body shop first. Some dealers send this type of work to a body shop any way.
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    No luck with map updates

    Is your Explorer connected to WiFi? It needs to be to check for OTA updates.
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    New axle bolt recall 23S55, same as older recall?

    This one is a bit different. They replace the bolt and this time the bushing also.
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    Transmission fluid leak

    The oil cooler is on the left hand side of the transmission. I doubt they will drain the transmission but will need to fill it after replacing the cooler.
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    Composite upper strut mount

    You can see some of that when you open the hood.
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    Install auto dim mirror

    This thread should help. How to: - Power mirror circuit: hard-wiring radar detector, camera, etc.
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    2022 Explorer XLT Brake Idle Vibration

    It may be the power brake booster. It is electric on these vehicles and could make the sound you describe. Like Peter said, have a dealer check it as it is still under warranty. Any Ford or Lincoln dealer can be used for warranty.
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    Map Update

    Noticed that my Explorer was doing an OTA update yesterday. It is now on map version 2.22 so I wound up getting it free. First time it has done any OTA update.
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    2022 ST Radio and Map not displayed normally on engine start.

    Version 22251 is the one that has caused a lot of issues. Go to and follow the directions to update to the newest version 23188 and do it yourself. If you have any questions just ask.
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    They need to proofread. "Ford Motor Company is recalling select 2023 Ford Explorer models over an issue with the driveshaft." That is the first sentence.
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    Radio not holding SiriusXM channel / sometimes changes to FM after being shut off

    Keep us posted. Pretty that will solve this issue for you.
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    Radio not holding SiriusXM channel / sometimes changes to FM after being shut off

    22251 is the version that caused issues for a lot of owners. Try going to and enter your VIN number. It should show that a new version is available (23188) Then you need to download the file to a flash drive and follow the directions to update your...
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    Radio not holding SiriusXM channel / sometimes changes to FM after being shut off

    Is your SYNC updated to 23188? If not that may be the problem.