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  1. K

    Help Me Pick a New Car..

    Get a 5.8l 95-96 bronco!
  2. K

    Full size broncos.

    Awww, you guys have Bronco envy!! I got rid of the X last fall and bought a 96 XLT with 60K miles. It has all the EB options except for the leather and overhead console. I'm planning on installing the console and I don't care for the leather. Its the black sport package which I think looks...
  3. K

    92-96 Bronco tranny's questions

    why the 302?
  4. K

    92-96 Bronco tranny's questions

    From what I've heard the E4OD is pretty reliable but I honestly have no first hand experience. I have a 96 w/ ~70K miles and the tranny feels great. I gaurantee its better than the A4LD they used in the X's. The general consesus seems to be that the C6 used in the older Bronc's is stronger but...
  5. K

    Oops, Explorer swimming.

    Hey, nice mess you got yourself into (and out of)! That must have been right after we got a week of steady rain, huh? Good to hear there was minimal damage... Definitly a ballsy move in a X! I just gave up my X for something bigger, a 96 Bronco 351W. Now I'm just waiting for Santa to bring a...
  6. K

    What size shocks for 3 inch lift

    When I put my Duff lift on I called Summit and told them I needed shocks for a lifted 93 Explorer, they asked how much lift, I told them, they sent me ones that fit, plus free shipping... You can get extended rad. arms from James Duff too.
  7. K

    bigger lift, bigger shocks?

    It would probably be worth checking out the Rancho site to see what the specs on your current shocks are for max extended length. If you got one bigger than stock to accomodate the 2 in lift you have now, you might be able to squeeze another inch or two out of them.
  8. K

    Cloud of anti-freeze from vent

    Hmm, I thought they lasted longer than a couple years, I replaced about 2 years ago when I was in denial over a blown head gasket. Also no AF on the floor or anything. But that gives me a place to start I guess. Thanks for the speedy reply
  9. K

    Help w/ Dodge Ram Transfer Case Problem

    First, let me preface this by saying I would never by one of these, its my friends truck :) When ever he puts it in 4 wheel, you can hear this intermittent banging - and not a gentle one. It sounds like some one is under the truck with a sledgehammer. Sounds to be coming from the t-case but...
  10. K

    Cloud of anti-freeze from vent

    I've searched for this - apparently no one has had this same problem. I was driving to work this AM and as I was passing someone I noticed a visible cloud - almost like a puff of smoke - come from the center vent. Of course I had to smell it to see what it could be - definitly anitfreeze. Is...
  11. K

    31x12.5s on 15x8s?

    Is 15x8 what 91-94 X's came with for stock rims?
  12. K

    Q about cutting off Rivelts on RA Busings

    I have a 93 X, cut all my rivets about 50K miles ago - never had any issues, no creaking, no broken bolts. As long as you use grade eight hardware, you'll never notice those rivets are gone. I think he's full of it.
  13. K

    Shopping: V6 or V8 Mustang

    I've checked out stangnet - the only issue seems to be that, living in Maine, most people with vehs in the classified adds are half way across the country!
  14. K

    Idiots at Sears

    Jack both sides up, wiggle the top of the tire back and forth. Any play is a sign of something loose. Usually if you have a friend they can look while you move the tire and you'll be able to tell the diff between bearing movement and a bad ball joint. If you plan on tightening your bearing...
  15. K

    Idiots at Sears

    I'd take it somewhere else but my choices are limited. Fords pricing is obcene. This one local place, Maniac Offroad I refuse to go to because I went in to buy shocks once and they told me I'd never lift an Explorer, that it was stupid and dangerous. They wouldn't even fit a pair of 31's I was...
  16. K

    Idiots at Sears

    So I took my X into Sears for an alignment after my lift and since then its been shaking horribly at 60 mph. So this weekend I had some time to check it out and the drivers side wheel bearing is very, very loose. I know it was not like this when I took it in. Sooo, I go to back the spindle nut...
  17. K

    Shopping: V6 or V8 Mustang

    Everything above is pretty much what I wanted to hear. The interior is not a huge concern, if it was, I probably wouldn't be driving a 93 explorer :) Is much as I'd love to run out and buy a 03 cobra, finances won't allow. Damn school loans! Sooo, I am probably looking for a deal on a 96 - 98...
  18. K

    Shopping: V6 or V8 Mustang

    This may be a really dumb question but is there any reason to go with the 6? I personally want the 8 but I found a nice 6 the other day. Custom paint, exhaust, intake, nice stereo. I've never driven either - but I want a fun summer car. What are the pro's and con's for both of these?
  19. K

    4.56s on the way

    good idea to save some cash, let us know how it turns out! I'd like to swap before the summer, but if I can find a V8 mustang I like, the explorers going on the back burner for a while...but thats a different thread!
  20. K

    4.56s on the way

    are you doing the install yourself? if you do, let me know how it goes, I'm OK with spending the $$ for new gears, but its hard to justify the $$$$$ to have some 2 bit mechanic around here install them.
  21. K

    James Duff 2.5 lift

    I love it - but now wish it was higher. I'm looking to possibly add coil spacers and SOA for about 4 inches total. The ride is nice but it you're going to want to go big eventually - do it now. The kit was a ***** to install.
  22. K

    Knocking, weird noise and smell of fumes

    Definitly exhaust - it just smells very raw - like the smell you get from an old pickup truck
  23. K

    Knocking, weird noise and smell of fumes

    I've given the engine a once over and nothing looks out of the ordinary. Definitly no leaking gas. I'm thinking it might be a manifold gasket, but I'm not sure if that would cause all the issues I'm having. Whats the quickest way to test vacuum lines?
  24. K

    Knocking, weird noise and smell of fumes

    I know its not a head gasket - I went through that once before so I now know the symptoms! Would a bad intake manifold gasket result in an exhaust smell under the hood and a noise?
  25. K

    Knocking, weird noise and smell of fumes

    Heres the deal - I have 3 different issues and I'm pretty sure they're all related to the same thing but I'm not sure exactly whats wrong - maybe one of you has a suggestion. Issue 1: Engine knock at idle Issue 2: When driving it sounds like air is escaping somewhere from the engine on...