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    Rap questions

    I am in the process of parting out my 96 explorer. However I am removing some parts to be retrofitted to my 95 f350. One of which is the rke. When I removed the module I unplugged an antenna line. Where is this antenna located or an I removing a branch from the stereo antenna. Thanks for any info
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    96 trans failure

    Pulled the vb off. Trans is screwed anyhow so what would it hurt. Took the seperater plate off. And the gasket was extremely brittle. Guess this is a tear down diary instead of a help thread. Thinking I'm going to rebuild this trans seeing as how I can pull it off for about $450. Which is...
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    96 XLT-Front driveshaft turns in 2WD:Normal?? Or bad T-case??

    sure its not a live axle setup? i thought all the 2nd gen explorers were live axle?
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    96 trans failure

    pulled the pan and filter. no metal in the pan, no broken pieces, no massive amount of clutch material. o/d flash codes were, vss and input turbine speed. i think it was. bolts on valve body were not loose at all and had decent torque.
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    96 trans failure

    All the pressures are in normal range. What now? Pop the pan for inspection?
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    96 trans failure

    Just ordered a hydro gauge from northern tool. Gonna have to make a line at work. Hopefully there are fittings there. I was moving a little slow with the truck because of lack of time and money. Now I'm wanting to drive it as a DD since diesel is getting on up there. I started it up again no...
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    96 trans failure

    I just bough a 96 with a 4.0 paid $300 for it cause it stopped pulling. I just went outside and started it for the first time since I bought it. The issue: Crank truck pull into drive, slight bump like it went into gear, gas it, nothing, more gas it moved a foot with a flat tire and in the...
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    PDF Tranny Manuals

    i clicked on the wrong thing. its downloading now. sorry.
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    PDF Tranny Manuals

    im just making sure i have all the manuals to the vehicles i have just in case something were to happen. thanks for the link, but it says 502 bad gateway when i click on download.
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    PDF Tranny Manuals

    got it thanks.
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    PDF Tranny Manuals

    i would like the one for Aisin Warner AW55-50SN (AF33-5) 5 Speed. its supposed to be whats in my wifes 06 chevy equinox
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    headlights turn on but no taillights, license plate light, or dash lights

    your talking about the multifunction switch. with turn, wipers, etc. it should fit. just check the plug on it compared to the one that is on there now. i think they will be the same shape just missing the pins for cruise.
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    oil pan clearance with engine swap

    i am going to pull out the factory engine from my 97 tahoe with the passenger dip stick(toast). i am wanting to put in another running engine i have from my 76 el camino. the elcamino is being rebuilt so it doesn't need the engine right now. the engine is a 355 driver side dipstick 4 bolt main...
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    Camshaft Position Sensor replacement--a bit of discussion

    have the dorman sensors gotten any better, i just ordered one and then read this post. if they are still junk ill return it and go to ford tomorrow.
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    Engine swap "Cummin" soon

    It's cool. It was 70 here thunderstorm last night. Supposed to be 70ish today. I only recall one time this year we had accumulating snow and a couple flurries. The temp here hasn't gone below 27. Last January we were looking at 19 or so. Weird.
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    Engine swap "Cummin" soon

    anything new with the diesel?
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    1995 Ford Taurus 3.0L shutting down

    sorry for not posting back, i had replaced the relay module above the radiator with another used one. the car stalled out one more time and then has been fine ever since. the owner had it towed to the ford dealer and they couldn't find anything at all wrong with the car. so the owner decided it...
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    had 4wd flashing lights? what fixed it?

    i knew someone with an f150 flashing lights and the gem was replaced and all was fine.
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    EATC ? - Yes I did search

    You need to rerun the fan control wires from the back of the eatc to the fan module. I have already run into several members with this issue and this has fixed everyone one of them
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    1995 Ford Taurus 3.0L shutting down

    i have this 95 ford taurus with a 3.0 that keeps shutting down. when it shuts down the e fan is running high like its hot. but anytime the fan is running it will not start up . have put a tune up on it including, plugs, wires, dist cap and rotor, fuel filter, air filter looks new, and a new coil...
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    Blazin8556's 97 X

    FOR SALE. I got a 76 el camino last year and wound up giving it to my father in law and he gave it back a few months ago. its going to be fuel injected with overdrive . i have the motor together gotta work on the wire harness and computer and do some body work and paint it, and its getting...
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    clutch pedal assembly on ebay i have a 4406e, and extra gem for 2 wheel drive, and a center bracket for a short console (the one that goes to the floor to under the console at the console's rear.
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    a few things for sale

    that one will not fit with out wire modifications. i do have one i just listed on ebay.
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    Wanted Wanted: 1999 16x7 rim for Explorer

    I have one. Still need it?
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    Blazin8556's 97 X

    brown box is a blend door kit (yaay :rolleyes: )