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    taillight swap

    Since you have a '96 I assume you want reversal....98 and up lights / hatch on your 96...that WILL work... some misc convers needed with it ...see here: See the red Explorer conversion about the 8th post down...
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    Contemplating Getting Rid of the '98

    If you get rid of it JC that doesn't get you off the hook and let you leave this forum, you are a wealth of information and expertise, in the top 5...we can't lose you and we wont LET you leave! 😁🙃
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    Help me

    P1352 Vérifiez le câblage/faisceau pour accéder à votre bobine d'allumage pour déceler des plis/dommages... broches/contacts desserrés
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    1998 Explorer 5.0 “Restoration2021” project

    Yep.....3 year old oil equals destroyed engine! I've read consumer reviews where people have 250 - 300K plus on original engine without any internal work done / needed and still purring along. Okay, back to Ford talk before I get booted, been veering off topic a lot lately.
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    1998 Explorer 5.0 “Restoration2021” project

    /\ I've heard those little Ecotech / Cavalier era engines can make it to 300,000 and beyond with decent maintenance....what's mileage on hers? Sorry to hear about rear hatch... low lifes everywhere....
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    1999 Mounty 5.0 aka My Great Bad Idea

    /\ My Expo's the 4WD and WJ daily d peg-legger....I like to confuse people, they're thinking "isn't the Jeep suppose to be the 4x4 vehicle...?" I have 212K on the Jeep... same pistons/ piston skirts.... what about yours? Jeep decided to thin the walls on them in '96.....not an issue on most but...
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    1999 Mounty 5.0 aka My Great Bad Idea

    2002 ....with the venerable inline 6 / 4.0 Did you mention you have / had one too ....can't recall ...I have half-heimers as well.
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    1999 Mounty 5.0 aka My Great Bad Idea

    Congrats on the new baby! I like how Ford / Mercury went with what's referred to many as storm trooper look, white with dark grey /black trim / cladding. I have that with my WJ ...great look for a white vehicle imo....first time I've seen it on second gen, I guess it was only available on the...
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    Just bought a 98, now fixing it up

    I like your custom drive up under carriage service bay !
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    How to replace power steering pump?

    A lot of times getting the pulleys off even with the proper pulley-puller can be a bear....if you can get one for not much more $ with pulley on it it's worth it...but as implied they are usually significant jump in price.
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    Anybody seen this rig / post on forum here before ?

    Cool looking 2nd gen / custom paint and cool ELO classic song to boot.
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    Custom spare tire mount - less cargo area hog

    No biggie, but did upgrade, the ABS sheet, although looked good, was like a sheet of ice, everything not bolted down would slide like crazy....and got a crack in it and scuffed up. Got a box of self-adhesive / sticky-back carpet squares at Walmart for $15 for new top. Just passing along ....
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    1998 Explorer 5.0 “Restoration2021” project

    Off topic but has your buddy's 5.3 shown any signs of the known lifter issues on the more recent versions of the 5.3 ? ...the once bullet proof extremely long lasting 5.3... as the following post seems to indicate it's not as widespread as some make it out to be...but of course there's always...
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    High Start then Dies

    /\ I'd replace the harness plug and see what happens, maybe one of the female pins is floppy inside the receptacle and when you unplug / plug back in that's just enough to cause contact for a while before it flexes back out.
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    1998 Explorer 5.0 “Restoration2021” project

    You have your marching orders soldier! You know it's going to be an uphill battle...but your efforts will not be in vain! :salute::troops: Carry on wayward son, they'll be peace when you are done....🎸🎵🎵
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    High Start then Dies

    My 2 cents....sounds like it could be minor vacuum leak....not issue when things are warm / / fuel to compensate for additional air ...
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    Home Depot - good place for SOME quality parts at great prices / free shipping

    /\ Mainly small odd ball stuff, radiator cap, wiper blades, and idler pulley....haven't had the need for any major parts since discovering this, but did check today for water pump and it came up with them as well.
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    Home Depot - good place for SOME quality parts at great prices / free shipping

    Just passing along....Next time you have a part number for a particular part... type in "Home Depot" in search first, then paste part description / part number after it in google search... Many times through their partners I've got the part for like 1/2 or 1/3rd of what the brick and mortars...
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    Questions on determining what pulley is squeeling

    Later I'm going to put the belt back and do the pipe-to-ear test. It's so screeching loud it radiates throughout whole front of figured I'd get the belt off first and find what I assumed would be obvious bad pulley/ bearing...
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    Questions on determining what pulley is squeeling

    No inward / outward play of alternator pulley.... spins nice and smooth too... (only 3 years old...although nowadays...)
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    Questions on determining what pulley is squeeling

    /\ I did run engine without the belt (just to eliminate crank / harm bal pulley)... sound GONE during that test.
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    Questions on determining what pulley is squeeling

    Hey gang, So two days ago I had ZERO pulley noises and the next day at startup suddenly a non-stop OVER THE TOP LOUD screeching / squealing appeared.....removed belt off harm. balancer/crank pulley and no squeal from that, the two suspects are: Tensioner pulley/ mechanism -- could/ would the...
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    Spiffing-Up the Rig

    Ever since I saw this vid I wanted to get those/your Limited rims for mine...very rare... I like the look like this guys are without the center caps...what do you think? Check 4:15 point of video for full view..
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    1996 Ford Explorer Stutters/sputters and shuts off

    It looks like you installed a new intake manifold...yes? If so, did this issue arise immediately / shortly after ?