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  1. J

    22" Wheels For Explorer

    I have 22’s. 20’s are too small for the Ex, yet 22’s were available on the smaller Edge Sport, and that’s the ones I have. The ones you posted have to many spokes for my liking, and not a fan of black wheels. The ‘phony’ hood scoop, why? Even if it could be made to fit, it would still be NON...
  2. J

    2019 Explorer Horn Sound

    It’s called, cost reduction...el cheapo ford.
  3. J

    How to get better Gas Mileage?

    Better gas mileage worth talking about? Give me a break! You bought a 4500 lbs pound brick, and you want mileage like a Prius, well that’s what you should have bought. :laugh: You could always tear out the AC, remove the interior, and install with aluminum folding deck chairs, remove all glass...
  4. J

    Windshield Visor Tint strip

    I’ve always known it as ‘ dot matrix’. The Window Tinting Resource - TintDude Window Tinting On my Vettes, I had black vinyl installed over the matrix, no bubbles, no troubles.
  5. J

    Windshield Visor Tint strip

    I’ve always known it as ‘ dot matrix’. The Window Tinting Resource - TintDude Window Tinting On my Vettes, I had black vinyl installed over the matrix, no bubbles, no troubles.
  6. J

    Lincoln Navigator 22’s on Explorer

    I run the Edge Sport 22’s with 285/40’s.
  7. J

    Lowering the Explorer

    Are you new to Photobucket Why are their logos messing up your pics???
  8. J

    full led headlights and front grille Ford Explorer 17

    You mean ‘photo chopped’ comrade, no shopping... :laugh:
  9. J

    2019 special edition packages just announced

    Hate ALL the wheels shown, especially on the Splorer. Ford is still fixated on lots of gaudy chrome (oh those tacky door handles). Was hoping they might iincrease the size of the infotainment screen to say 9-10” like a lot of higher end SUV’s. Also, thought Ford would get it together and ‘Style...
  10. J

    Chrome Elimination

    Had my rear Chrome, and roof rack painted black. Still have some to match my wheels for a “balanced” look. I hate all black wheels. :wave: ...and had the door handles painted body color.
  11. J

    Ford offers free repairs to 1.4 Million Explorers - Exhaust

    Safety group again calls on Ford to recall Explorers for fume leaks
  12. J

    255/55R20's to replace 255/50R20's

    ‘Eyes wide open’...:laugh:
  13. J

    255/55R20's to replace 255/50R20's

    There is no such animal as a 250/50/20! :drunk:
  14. J

    2020 Explorer PIU

    2020 Ford Explorer-based Police Interceptor Utility gets hybrid version
  15. J

    Steering wheel peeling

    Re: cheap after market SWC... They’re on older cars cause the owners were too cheap to get their old SW professionally redone, and hide the condition with a cheesy strech on cover. My fav is a “wheelskin’, the Frankenstein stiching looks bloody horrendous. You guys must have sweaty hands.I...
  16. J


    2018 Ford Explorer Buying Guide | Your 3-row crossover questions, answered
  17. J

    Aftermarket wheels

    Looks good! What are your wheel/tire specs?
  18. J

    Sometimes I wonder if I really should buy a 2019 Explorer.

    You are quite naive! Very uniformed! The car industry ( and others) is a rat race, go go go. Have a friend who worked at one plant for 35 years. You want to take a piss, you need to call a spare relief guy if he’s not already covering some other job. You wait! Plants are huge, washrooms far away...
  19. J

    Did the dealer replace my battery with the wrong one?

    Peter, don’t have one on my Limited either, never saw it on the option sheet. The old school purpose to keep the battery from freezing, really meant for ‘open country’ outside non sheltered parking, insulation if you will. I have seen them in the aftermarket. Had to replace my battery last...
  20. J

    13' Custom Headlights

    Well, that’s why I asked that question. Everybody wants ‘custom’, but totally in the dark regarding cost. As Peter pointed out the cost of stock headlights (before tax), are $$$! There is a post on here about a guy who had a shop redo his stock lights install better projectors, got rid of the...
  21. J

    13' Custom Headlights

    How much $$$ are you willing to spend?
  22. J

    2020 Explorer

    Ford Explorer ST spotted with mild, not wild, styling changes
  23. J

    Rear bumper reflectors removal

    SAFTEY, is always a positive ERIC. ...and the OP didn’t even mention‘why’? :dunno:
  24. J

    Rear bumper reflectors removal

    Why??? Something stupid to do, too much time on your hands? They are there for SAFTEY, have you heard of it???
  25. J

    Everyone here should thank PeterK9 for his work on this forum!

    A Kanuck too, eh! :ca: Thanks Peter. :chug: