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    1995 Explorer XLT - Speedometer Problems

    OK, got it fixed. All good now. Here is what was wrong: 1. The needle was pushed "in" too far, and was causing it to bind up ever so slightly. I pulled the center insert off, pulled the needle out a bit, re-installed the center insert, and made sure that the needle returned to zero mph when I...
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    1995 Explorer XLT - Speedometer Problems

    Good question. The reason I didn't just install Speedo B was because the odometer reading on it was way higher than the original. The original shows about 140K, while B shows about 237K. One lesson learned about disassembling a speedometer assembly is to check the calibration with a AA...
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    1995 Explorer XLT - Speedometer Problems

    First time poster, long time reader... I started out with my original speedometer working OK but the odometer and trip odometer not working. ("Speedo A") I found a used instrument assembly ("Speedo B") and changed it out. Now, both odometers work in Speedo B but the speed indication itself...