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    Any known issues on 02 Eddie Bauer?

    With my 97 XLT having issues (see thread here I'm looking at an 02 Eddie Bauer (Fully Loaded) It has 80000 KM's on it. Is there anything I should be looking at before purchasing? Truck is in amazing shape but don't have the...
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    Appears to be slipping into Neutral ???

    Any idea on how to test it? I really don't want to scrap the truck but I'm on the edge of doing so.....
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    Appears to be slipping into Neutral ???

    Hello Everybody, I'm having a problem with my 97 Explorer XLT. Something really strange is happening and none of the shops in my area are really helping me out. I start up the truck, put her in drive and maybe get 100-200 feet before my rpm's start climbing and the truck slows to a halt, it...