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    5th Gen Explorer Photo Thread

    My Explorer Sport. I had a 2011 Limited and traded it in a while back. All I can say is I LOVE the EcoBoost!
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    2016 Sport price

    2016 Ruby Red Sport with 401A, sunroof, adaptive cruise (best option ever), weather mats, bucket seats MSRP $52,805 before incentives I was at $49,800. Probably not a steal but I had to get a dealer transfer to find the Explorer I wanted. Overall I am very happy with the purchase. I traded a...
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    Radiator fan bearing noise 2016 Models

    Mine seemed to be very pronounced after a long trip (Drove about 160 miles down the interstate). I shut the car off and when I got out the fan was still spinning cooling everything down from the trip and when the fan was coming to a stop it started to squeal. I have driven it around town for...
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    Radiator fan bearing noise 2016 Models

    I was in the process as you posted!
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    Radiator fan bearing noise 2016 Models

    Just picked up my 2016 Sport 200 miles on the odometer and I can hear the fan squeaking after shutdown.
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    List of Useful Threads Hood Paint bubble issue only

    Well I contacted Ford customer service about the paint and they just said it wasn't covered under under the premium care extended warranty and basically I am just crap out of luck.
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    List of Useful Threads Hood Paint bubble issue only

    Paint bubbling and chipping - Ford won't cover I have a 2011 black Limited and along the entire front of my hood right where you would reach your hand under to pop the hood the painting is starting to bubble and chip to the point where you can see the metal. This is not the greatest photo but...
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    Time for tires

    I live in south Georgia so I have no need for winter tires. My 11 limited has almost 50k on the clock and I am in need to replace the Optimos soon. My questions is, what everyday mall crawler/long trip tires do you guys recommended? The OEM replacement hankook Optimo (spelling?) Tires seem to...
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    Updated to 3.5.1 from 2.11

    I know a lot of people on here are nit picking and pointing out any little flaw with the new upgrade they can but my experience with the update is night and day from the 2.11 I had. The system is a lot easier to navigate, the voice recognition seems to work a lot better and the overall system...
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    v3.5.1 Map Zoom

    Are the actual maps updated with the new a4 card? I know the maps in my current nav (2011 x) seem to be really outdated. I built my house in 2009 in a development that has been around since 2005 and it's not in there along with numerous other outdated maps I've noticed.
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    MFT/SYNC Issue with Phone Pairing

    Same happened to me about a week ago with the black screen and phone pairing. All seems to be working ok now, except the fact that now when I call services the computer can't understand what I am saying.
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    Sync & MFT Restart

    ok. Just thought it sounded weird and wanted to confirm on here before I did it.
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    Sync & MFT Restart

    I called my local dealer today and they stated that I could restart these systems by disconnecting the battery and touching the pos & neg wires together for one minute.... Does this sound familiar to anyone else?
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    Oil Change

    Just changed the oil in my EX for the first time. I changed it over to Full synthetic! It was surprisingly easy to change the oil!
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    Just got back

    It is a FWD. And at 80mph it was just barely over 2k rpm. I don't have the inflatable seat belts they just keep locking up!
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    Just got back

    I just got back from a pretty lengthy trip. We drove from Savannah, GA to the Trenton, NJ area in our '11 EX Limited. Here are a couple of the pro's and con's from me on this long trip. Pro's 1.) Comfortable! - We had four adults, one sat in the second row and the other in the third row...
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    Long trip ahead

    I'll be driving from Savannah, GA to New Jersey next weekend. The trip is right around 1,500 miles round trip. I currently have just under 3k on my X. My question is, should I go ahead and change the oil before I leave? Also, what are the pros and cons of using full synthetic compared to the...
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    How do you like your Explorer so far?

    We are very happy with our limited. Only Cons would be: sluggish MFT Maps on Nav are pretty old. Our housing development is not recognized nor my brothers. Each of which have been around for 4+ years. Both pretty minor details. I had to tow another one of my cars the other day (I don't tow...
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    Navigation voice volume

    For some reason the volume on my Nav has turned all the way down. I am usually pretty computer savoy but is there an easy way to turn the volume on the nav back up?
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    Got my Explorer Limited (black on black) about two weeks ago and finally got to drive it this weekend. I had to basically pull my wife out of the drivers seat! We both love the X. I have a Droid X and at first the bluetooth audio worked fine. Now when I get in and try to start up the...