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    Feels like anti-locks kick in when coming to a stop

    I searched around and it seems this is a fairly common problem but it keeps getting worse in my 98 X. It used to be just when I was turning left into a parking place, then it started happening on the road I take to leave work, there is a big dip in the road right before the stop sign, now it...
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    Highest / Lowest Mileage

    03 4.0 with 13,500 miles Top that!! and no that is NOT a typo.
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    I need a little advice ...

    buy new unless you just can't possibly swing it, by the time you pay some place to mount and balance the used ones your not really that far ahead unless you get the tires for free.
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    Tire Wear Question

    My guess would be they replaced only the fronts at some point. my experience has been regardless of fwd or rwd that the fronts wear faster if not rotated because of the cornering loads they have to endure.
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    BFG-All Terrain -v- Goodyear Wranglers

    BFG AT FTW!!! I havent ran wranglers in a long long time, but I loved the BFG's I used to have on my 4x4 ranger. So my opinion may not be worth much since i don't' have a head to head comparison but I don't think you'll be disappointed with them.
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    2002, 4.0l Explorer - does it have limited slip differential (lsd)?

    dont remember them off hand but a search on here for "axle codes" will get you the answer! There is a sticker on your drivers door with that info.
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    Holy Jeeps, and broken Pathfinders!(long)

    Thats a little better I guess, just "Juan" tearing up his daddy's stuff....
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    Holy Jeeps, and broken Pathfinders!(long)

    Scumbag move?? no you could have left them out there and thought of it as doing the world a favor. So was the jeep yours?? if so then why did you let juan revoke your man card and just start driving your stuff? I've punched friends of 20 years in the face for "borrowing" my stuff without...
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    Curiosity: Cash for clunkers undo

    Anything is possible with enough time and money, that being said, you could probably buy a crate motor for less.
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    More power from the OHV

    On my 98 4.0 OHV ranger a cat-back/chip/intake standard bolt ons made a nice improvement. No dyno results or anything but gave it enough pop in the mid range to make me happy with the results. Short of super charging, if your complaining about the performance with stock tires, trying to turn...
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    Lower ball joint boot torn/ cause for concern?

    ^^ Interesting, let us know how they work. I mean if you can do it without disassembling anything great!! If you have to take stuff apart then might as well throw new ones on there.
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    Lower ball joint boot torn/ cause for concern?

    Mine are too on the 98 no telling how long they've been like that but everything is still tight, be nice if there was a way to just fix the boot...but I'll prolly do like everyone else and just replace when they get sloppy.
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    96 5.0 XLT starts but will not stay running

    Maybe the MAF? will it start and idle but as soon as you give it some gas it dies? Try cleaning that mass air flow sensor and see if it helps, can of contact cleaner could = cheap fix?
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    Anyone using Autolite plugs and wires

    i just put them on the 98 about 1000 miles ago, no problems. Ran them in my Rangers before with no problems either.
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    Shock Recommendations

    i just threw some sensa tracs on, they ride pretty good and they aren't expensive either.
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    getting a new muffler on all stock '97 explorer

    Nope don't have to mess with the cats at all, I'm thinking about doing the same thing to the 98, I'll probably go with a gibson cat back, had one on my 98 4.0 Ranger and it opened it up a little and had a nice sound without being annoying. Fit like a glove too.
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    New member from Toledo area

    Ahh finally stickies are a wonderful thing!!! Here is the 98 I picked up, Wranglers are replaced with some Destination AT's Still had some life in em so I kept them, if your in the area and want them pm me. Not looking for $ just kept them in case they might help someone else out. OHV XLT...
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    '98 explorer rear window unlocks when doors are locked?

    tore into this yesterday, for the life of me I can't figure out wth was going on. I could not see any way to hook it up to make them lock and unlock together without spinning that pushbutton lock around. I didn't feel like getting into it that deep so i disconnected the linkage to the liftgate...
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    New member from Toledo area

    Getting no love trying to post the pictures but here they are in an online album: Accidentely dumped them in with pics of my old Mazda 6 I recentely sold, strangely haven't missed it as much as I thought been enjoying the old X...
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    New member from Toledo area

    Recently became a 2 explorer family here and signed up. Got an 03 from my dad last year with only 9k on it and just sold off my car and picked up a 98 with 96k on it for a great price and it made a 600 mile trip with no issues so just been lurking around asking a few questions, to get it back...
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    Test OEM plug?

    thanks for the help, but it turned out to be unecessary!! I just started tracing things back again and it all looked to be put together so I popped the plug off the hitch just to see if maybe corrosion inside was the culprit and it came apart with little to no effort. I couldnt pull it apart...
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    Test OEM plug?

    Thanks!!, relays are in place under the hood and the fuses are good and in place as well with power going to them. I'll have to figure out how to pull that panel off to look for the additional relays under the d-pilar, that sounds like alot of fun to get to ;)
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    Just Bought a '96 Explorer.

    just changed them on the 98 without pulling the wheels, not sure if its "easier" or not though. Never pulled the wheels off of any 4.0 rangers I've owned either to change them. I have skinny arms and small hands, I do suggest a good pair of gloves though cause your arm will be at funny angles...
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    Which tires?

    Just threw a set of these on the '98 and I'll second that...for now. Hasn't snowed yet and I'm looking for some mud to test in but they are very quiet for such an aggressive tread and ride well. Got the buy three get one free deal so not a whole lot of $. And I'm not a firestone fanboy, I'm...
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    Test OEM plug?

    Wow no one has had this problem of the stock plug not working?? There is power at the distribution box, I'm scratching my head on this one. Anyone know the route the wires take after they disappear into the rear fender? Maybe they make an appearance behind the glove box or something??