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    Engine torque absorber?

    from the ford dealer
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    does ANYONE make a mini spool for dana 35??

    the explorer did come with LS 4.10 gears. axle code D2. but is proble hard to find
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    trans swap

    do you think it is worth the time to swap out the auto trans to a manual trans? my 94 x has axle code 41 open 3.27 the doner x is a 91 with axle code D4 limted slip 3.73 and the mazda 5 speed . i got the whole 91x for all the parts so i am just looking for your input.i was thinking of changing...
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    Console arm rest hinge help needed????

    arm rest you take a die grinder and cut the plastic hing in half pull the two parts out then you press the new part in . it is hard to install . this is per ford instuctions
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    trans swap

    has anyone swaped out the auto trans for a maneul 5 speed my auto trans is not working right and i scored on a 5 speed trans to inclued clutch, flywheel ,all pedals ect everything complete also got front and rear diff has 3.73 limted slip diff .
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    '94 Explorer Starting problem

    try replacing the igenition moudal if you are losing the pip singnal it will die or not start . also hook up the fuel gauge start car close the hood let it run and run it culd also be the fuel pump when it gets hot it may stop pumping . we see it at the dealer all the time
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    Replacing CATS

    cats the cats are ment to last the life of the truck. they should be good still. the way to test them is to warm the truck up to full oprating temp and then run the engine at 2500 rpm for 1 or 2 min. and then use a rayteck type themomter . you should see 100 deg. or more diffrance from the...
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    Engine Vibration

    most likely it is the harmonic balancer has sliped on the rubber ring it hapens at times the rubber shrinks with age
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    can i get some help from someone who KNOWS what there talking about?

    just bleed it and when you think you have it bleed out do it two more times
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    Speed sensor cleaning....

    you can use anything you want to use
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    Dual catalytic converters or single

    it had two cats
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    power steering whine

    power steering fluied and atf are the same thay just use diffrent types of die to tell them a part
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    Code 214 - SO much $$ Anyone tried to replace the crankshaft sensor?

    it is on the front of the engine pass side at the bottom it sits just back of the pullys. as for cost i do not know
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    AC Compressor

    the oils do not mix the ester oil will just lay in the system r12 will not suspend the ester oils also adding a little r134a will destroy the system when mixed with r12 it makes a assade that eats the metal parts and on ford causes black death of the ac system . and not to menchine that if you...
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    you need to bleed the system it is very hard to get all the air out of it just keep leeding it untill you get all the air out and be for you drive it pump the pedal servaal times it help move the air out
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    exhaust pipe size question

    it will not make any diffrence at all
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    Starter Problem?!

    try replaceing the starter relay it is on the passanger side front fender most of the time it gets carboned up and then it wont flow the power to the starter
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    idle problem

    Try cleaning the iac valve they get dirty and stick causing the idle to be high . at ford we clean them all the time to fix the problem
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    got my explorer back from the shop today

    it tells the computer how much flow the egr has the info is used to controll the egr opening
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    Help A4LD guru's

    in 1992 the a4ld trans was not electroince it uses a regular old valve body it uses line pressure to shift the wires are for tcc lock up
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    running one cat

    It is unlaw full to alter the exhaust system from the back of the cat to the engine it is against fedral law
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    Fuel Gauge STILL doesn't work!?

    test the fuel gauge if it has a bad spot it will stop at that point also make shure the key is off when you fill it . the anti slosh modual will almost stop the gauge to
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    Armrest Pads

    i would love to see some pics of them
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    A/c compressor leaking

    you need specialtool to reseal the ac compressure and if it is leaking in the center you will just need to replace the compressure