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  1. J

    Slight knocking in brake pedal

    Never discount that a rotor was bad out of the box. I did my brother's brakes a year ago and he got brake pedal feedback shortly after. One of the brand new rotors had a high spot due to poor manufacturing. We brough it back to the store and got a replacement. I would have never thought it...
  2. J

    Sooo, what issue do I have?

    If you do a search on the selector wheel you will find the fix on the forum. The actual part is ridiculously expensive. The white clip holding the adjuster wheel on mine was snapped but was still on the wire. I took to small nuts out of assortment box and screwed them into each end of the...
  3. J

    door locks

    If your actuators are gone, which happened to my drivers side door and rear driver's side it's a relatively inexpensive fix. I did it with a couple of Harbor Freight tools and some patience. If you narrow it down to the acutators let me know and I'll post what I did to repalce them.
  4. J

    differential axle seal install tip.

    Never thought of that one. When I replaced my CV axle seals I used a PVC pipe coupler.
  5. J

    Rear Axle Vent Hose

    Thanks so much. I went down to Napa got a length of 5/16 tran cooler line and slipped it right on.
  6. J

    Fuel Filter

    My 99 Explorer fuel filter was frozen in the connections. Years of being in the NE rusts the underneath of your truck. Be prepared. Have a small handheld metal hacksaw. Once the fuel lines are empty and pressure is gone(remove the fuse), cut the filter at the part closest to the main body of...
  7. J

    Removing driver side upper control arm bolt

    I did my upper control arms a couple of months ago. Just unclip the lines like everyone else said. There will be enough play in the them to get the old bolt out and the new one in. Just be patient.
  8. J

    question about cold start!whine for like 2mins until lil warm

    Just wanted to thank everyone for the tips on this. I was being driven crazy by a loud squeek upon starting on cold and wet days. The belt was not old, maybe six months. I decided to tackle to tensioner arm and idler pulley since the truck has 140K miles. Replacing the tensioner and...
  9. J

    Rear Axle Vent Hose

    Thanks for the response. I figured I would try that but after checking both Napa and Autozone websites neither has any rubber trans cooler lines or Oil cooler lines in stock. I would have to order them and have them shipped to the store. So I'm basically stuck with having to know what size to...
  10. J

    Rear Axle Vent Hose

    Hey Guys, I tried doing a search to see if anyone replaced this but no luck. I've been spending a lot of time under my truck and in the process of draining and refilling my rear axle I noticed my vent hose fell off or basically rotted off. I tried to put it back on but it fell off again...
  11. J

    Which hub should I buy?

    The majority of the guys here will tell you to go with Timken but Autozone is a little pricey. Check or The ABS Sensor just went on my driver's side hub so I opted to replace the whole hub given the price diferrence in the sensor and the entire assembly was only...
  12. J

    Torsion Bar Removal for Lower Control Arm

    Thanks guys. Much appreciated.
  13. J

    Torsion Bar Removal for Lower Control Arm

    Thanks for the reply. Sorry if I was not clear enough. I know I will have to pull the torsion bar. It's really a question of method. The link I included utilizes a method without using a special puller. They just scribe the bolts and allow the arm to hang fully down in order to pull the...
  14. J

    Torsion Bar Removal for Lower Control Arm

    Hey guys, I'm going to tackle replacing my lower control arms this weekend since the bushings in my driver' side lower arm are shot. I figured I would just replace them in pairs. In preparation of tackling the job I've been reading up on how to remove the torsion bars in order to accomplish...
  15. J

    Driver side CV Axle stuck half way in to transfer case.

    I did both my CV axles about 3 months ago and did new seals at the same time. The passengers side was cake. The drivers side is a little more difficult. You need to lay on your back underneath the truck and whack the cv with a rubber mallet on the collar of the CV where it sits flush with the...
  16. J

    ABS Warning Light Came On?

    Had my light come on out of nowhere. It was throwing codes for both the ront left and rear pumpkin sensor(1155 and 1230). I went to Advance Auto since the use a code reader that also does ABS. The people there don't even know how to use them. They have to plug in your car type first and then...
  17. J

    Question about the brake fluid flush

    If you have a compressor this is a great tool. I just bled the brakes on my 99 Explorer this weekend using this tool by myself. I also used it on my brother's car as well.
  18. J

    Can't Identify Front End Vibration '01 Sport

    The only other suggestion I can offer up is what happened with my 99 Ex. I had very bad vibration in the floor board under my feet at highway speed. To confirm it was the Drive shaft I removed it after scribing nd denoting the position of the shaft prior to removing and took it on the road...
  19. J

    2000 Explorer won't start - Theft light *not* blinking

    Your issue sounds very similar to what happened with my 99 Explorer last summer. The car would on occasion not start. I would not even get the dashboard to light up upon putting the key in the vehicle. It so happen to correspond with me replacing the battery. Apparently the negative battery...
  20. J

    Brake bleeding problems

    Had to replace a caliper on my brothers car and the guy at Napa gave us the wrong side. I went through two bottles of fuild until I realized the caliper given was for the wrong side. Lesson learned. The caliper bleed screw needs to be at the highest point or air will never escape.
  21. J

    Feel vibration in floor

    I had the same vibration in the floorboard when traveling around 70-80 mph. I dropped the driveshaft and drove around without it and determined it was was driveshaft. It wasn't the U joint on mine. When I spun the driveshaft back and forth in my hand the CV at the bottom of the driveshaft was...
  22. J

    CV Axle Replacement How To (Pictures)

    "Were you referring to the National parts (Part# 710428 & 710429)" Timken seals use the same part numbers for Right and Left seals. When I replaced both my CV axles a couple of weeks ago I used those seals. I bought them from since they were much cheaper than Autozone.
  23. J

    99 explorer fuel filter help

    That's why I stated to look up the process to remove the fuse which powers the fuel pump. That will depressurize the system. Also using a small hand held hacksaw will cut through the thin metal slowly thus not causing heat to build up. :salute:
  24. J

    99 explorer fuel filter help

    Glad to hear. Yeah, I was marvelled at the black filth that poured out of the old filter.
  25. J

    99 explorer fuel filter help

    I had the same issue when getting mine out. It was just plain stuck. The plastic tool is actually a better fit than the metal on out fuel line. Take a small handheld hacksaw and cut the two small necks at both ends of the filter. By getting rid of the body of the filter it will allow you to...