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    2002 Explorer stuck in park while turned on. Please help!

    when this happens under the steering column there is a small hole in the plastic, you stick a straight screw driver in there to bypass the switch and you'll be able to shift it. but if it is the switch on the break peddle you wont have break lights when you move it. this happend to mine at a...
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    Tranny issue in 04

    i had mt 2003 xlt v6 since new and had to replace that shift solenoid twice so far... hope thats not your problem . it was a 700.00 fix both times.
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    How to: Replace Front Blend Door Actuator in 3rd Gen Ex.

    thanks a ton for the step by step, i just finished the job. it took less then 2 hours, and just about 2 six packs to finish. the clickings been driving my wife nuts since april, but she just recently started to wine about it due to not having heat in the mornings so i figured id better fix it...