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    Puddle lights

    The puddle lamps are 194 bulbs.
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    Need help locating a part number ...

    That's great info, thanks. I think they do call it Medium Parchment now that I think about it. Now I can get some part price quotes.
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    Need help locating a part number ...

    I had a rattle in my driver's door so I took it apart only to find that one of the clips on the plastic trim holding the switches had broken off. The rattle was the tab in the bottom of the door. The part is labeled with 1L24-14B133-AKBJFX but I am being told this is not a valid part number...
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    How much is this going to cost me? Right rear carrier bearing

    So my Explorer has been making a nice roaring noise in the back, but not like the wheel bearing noise we are usually accustomed to with these trucks. I jacked it up and started poking around. I found some fluid leaking out of the differential from the right side. I know nothing about...
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    Opening the rear glass from inside the cab

    Thats true, but lifting an already opened glass panel to the point that the hydraulic lifts take over is a lot easer than fumbling for a button you cannot actually see while holding stuff. Also, there is a big element of "because I can" to this modification. SOmetimes, its just fun to tinker...
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    Opening the rear glass from inside the cab

    That's a good question. In reality, not much. However, I frequently swing into the grocery store and let my wife out to run in for a few things while I stay in the truck with the little one. When she comes out, she has to lift the big gate or try and reach under and hit the release while holding...
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    Wheel Bearing or Worse?

    Holy crap I think that mechanic is trying to take you for a ride. Did you go to a stealership for that quote? I am getting more confident in my DIY auto repair, but even when I went to a mechanic for everything I never paid anywhere near that for those kind of repairs. In specific...
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    Opening the rear glass from inside the cab

    Why a servo? Couldn't I tap the wire that is actuated by the GEM when the blue button is pressed on the remote and make it release?
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    Opening the rear glass from inside the cab

    I primarily use the rear glass to put stuff in the back of the truck. It sounds petty, but I would like to be able to 'pop' that glass from inside the cab, much like an old school trunk release. I just saw an aftermarket trunk release on a episode that they installed on a Mustang...
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    No airflow from dash vents

    OK, so I found this post after much searching... I have this issue on my Explorer. Is that part something I can get at the stealership? What is it called? Or is it part of a larger part that I need to order? What the bloody heck is it called?
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    Is this the blend door issue?

    Ok, good info. Yes, the temp adjustment works perfectly. I will look into the vacuum issue more. Come to think of it, this didn't start until I fished some wires around over there... I wonder if I knocked something loose? Again, thanks!
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    Is this the blend door issue?

    I am wondering if I am suffering from the blend door actuator motor issue or something else. I have AC coming from the vents. When I turn to floor or defrost, it remains at the vents. Very rarely, it will switch to floor and back, but the defroster is not functional at all. Is that the blend...
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    Anyone install an OEM Sirius Antenna in an older Ex? How about Nav?

    I am going to be putting my Sirius into my new-to-me 2003 Explorer. I am considering drilling and installing an OEM Ford Sirius antenna into the roof for the radio. Has anyone done this? Drilling a hole in the roof is kind of scary but it will look A LOT cleaner than the magnetic antenna...
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    Rear Power Window Not Working

    I just acquired a 2003 Explorer with only 42K miles. The rear driver's side power window is not working. Fortunately, its stuck in the up position. The previous owner says the window was repaired several times under warranty with the same issue and has worked intermittantly for the life of...
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    Puddle lights

    So I read this entire thread... I never saw an answer to the question of how to change the bulb on the puddle light if there are no screws. I just got an '03 Explorer and the driver's side puddle light is apparently burned out. There are no visible screws under the light. This used to be my...