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    The horn went bad in my 02 STrac and I can't find the sucker. Where is it and do I have to have a degree to replace it? I'm told its in the wheel well, but not sure since I can't hear it. How do I get to it and replace it. I'm going to go with an air-horn. :us:
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    Towing advice

    Don't forget to practice backing up with a small trailer. It will give new meaning to the term FUBAR. You eventually get used to it but the learning curve is anything but fun.
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    Air intakes

    I researched them all and after all was said and done I found the KKM to be the best value. Most of us simply want better street performance not racing performance and the KKM does just that at much less cost and time. Very happy with it so far.
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    Having a hard time finding rims that fit...HELP!

    Yes, but they don't have anything that suits me. I did find something directly from Centerline but they are custom built which means BIG bucks. Still looking.
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    Having a hard time finding rims that fit...HELP!

    I've looked at website after website and called most, yet I still can't seem to find a rim that I like that also fits. :confused: I know the stock 16x7 rim has a +12 offset but most rims come 16x8 with varying offsets. I'm told I need an offset of about +25 with the wider 16x8 rim but they...
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    Stock 02 STrac rims...questions

    Now I'm confused. In my search for new rims some dealers list the offset as +12 and others as +20 - 35. Why the difference? I had rims picked out at +12 but the dealer won't guarentee fit, etc.
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    Turbo Charged Sport Trac

    All well and good but you're gonna need Premium Fuel and at $3.75 + per gallon you might need to take out a mortgage. Would be a great mod if not for the fuel issue.
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    Has anyone actually changed the rear shocks on their SPORT TRAC?

    I had no trouble at all and at best I am a weekend warrior. Drop the spare and use WD-40, then wrench away.
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    K & N Air Intake Valve/gas Mileage

    You must have some other issue with your ST or you are driving it too hard. Your mileage is not reasonable. Replace all filters (PCV) and change over to synthetic oil. That should be a good start.
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    Stock 02 STrac rims...questions

    Great. Can I use a wider tire than the 255/70? Thanks :us:
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    Stock 02 STrac rims...questions

    What is the offset/backspacing for the stock Sport Trac rims. I have an 02 4x4 with 16" rims and 255/70 tires. I'm going to replace the rims and want to make the right choice for fitment. :us: Any issues with powder coated rims (chipping, etc)?
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    Custom Rims

    Where is a good place to buy some new rims for the ST? I've looked at a number of sites but dang if I find many for the ST or any a what I'd call good prices. :us:
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    Performance Assistance Needed..

    I had a tune-up last year but was thinking about changing to a performance plug and possibly new wires. No I don't have the under/over-drive pulleys. I've read thru your posts regarding this but this really sails over my head. If I recall correctly this affected the motor temps??? I'm not...
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    Performance Assistance Needed..

    I have poured over numerous posts, old and new and not being the wrench that some of you are I am definately confused. :confused: I can build a house but I just don't grasp all this technical mechanical stuff plus my tools are limited. Anyway, I want to improve the torque and horsepower of...
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    I've had 2 sets of Rancho's on my various 4x4's and thats what works best for me. Higher quality than many others. I had no problems whatsoever getting my shocks off, just use some WD-40 before you start. :us:
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    Shocks 02 STrac

    I gotta say I am very pleased. They ride so much better than stock. Keep in mind this is still a truck so they can only do so much but I have no complaints. I'd buy them again. I would have liked to have gone with the 9000's but just couldn't justify that high an expense. :us:
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    UD Pulley...Sport Trac

    So in order to eliminate any overheating or undercharging issues, I would need to install all 3 pulleys and an alternate size belt, correct? Any other caveats? Did you regap your plugs for your new coil setup? Thanks, great info. :thumbsup:
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    UD Pulley...Sport Trac

    A friend suggested I consider installing an Under-Drive Pulley on my 02 Sport Trac for the HP gain. Knowing very little about this I'm not sure what to think but I do know there could be some inherent issues with a UD Pulley, so... 1. Is it worth the expense and effort? 2. Does someone even...
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    Shocks 02 STrac Much better ride. Can't believe I waited this long. :us:
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    Grill conversion???

    I'm not happy with the limited number of grill inserts / replacements for the split style grill on the 02 Sport Trac and am wondering if anyone knows whether or not a regular open style Explorer grill frame/insert will fit? :us: I would love to install 1 of the Harley style grills because...
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    Best tire for gas mileage

    I had the Michelin Cross Terrain SUV on my 96 X and they may have been the best tire I ever owned. Long life, hugged the road, smooth. Great tire. Mileage....well I never really checked.
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    Trans Improvement needed...

    I am completely lost when it comes to tech issues involving the drive train. I want to improve and upgrade the trans in my 2002 Sport Trac 4x4. What trans do I have? A4LD???? Trans now has 52k. What kit/rebuild would work best? I'm looking to improve general driving/shifting...
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    Intake and Exhaust is next

    Now that I've got the shocks taken care of an intake and exhaust (cat back) are next. Oh, and I'll be adding an EE sway bar. The only given here is that the intake must allow connection of all hoses, etc and the exhaust must be stainless steel. The truck is a bone stock 2002 Sport Trac...
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    Shocks 02 STrac

    I ordered Rancho 5000's today. I read your responses and researched as much as possible and then spoke with a service tech and finally chose these. I've had the Edlebrock IAS and they are crap. Don't buy these, ever! The tech said the Rancho is a far better "truck" shock than the Monroe...
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    Shocks 02 STrac

    I've got to replace the stock shocks on my 2002 4x4. I've had Rancho's in the past and they are simply too stiff. I've had Edlebrock's of a 96 EX but they wore out super quick. I'm told the Bilsteins are too stiff as well. How about the Monroe Reflex or Sensa-Trac shocks? Or any other...