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    question about motor mount installation

    Thanks for the suggestions. Kidding...just being facetious. Hadn't logged in here in a long time, figured why not revive a 14 year old thread?
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    new trac guy

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    Wanted 94 explorer start and stall problems

    I would check the idle air control valve first, and then the fuel pressure regulator. The IAC can give you all kinds of sporadic headaches and no-start conditions. To check the fuel pressure regulator, throw a fuel pressure gauge on it when it is refusing to start (key on); see what kind of...
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    93 ex runs rough under load

    It sounds like ignition to me - more specifically, the coil pack. You can check to see if the resistance is within spec with a multimeter - consult your Haynes manual for the specs. It is pretty easy to do.
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    4x4 2.3L ranger?

    interesting. anyone have one for sale? preferably 93-97 (i have a 2wd parts truck) schmid... i'm looking for something lightweight and simple with a bed (e.g. truck) that would get decent gas mileage and be off roadable.
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    4x4 2.3L ranger?

    This may be a stupid question, but did ford ever make a 4x4 model ranger with the 2.3L engine? (or any 4 cyl?)
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    The Fastest N/A 4.0 Explorer

    for the 4.0 OHV team: I ran a 16.7 @ 80mph a few years ago with my 92 auto sport 4.0 OHV / 3.08 open diff / a few mods (exhaust, KKM, etc). I now have 3.73 rearend with a powertrax no slip, a few more minor mods (electric fan, MAS, TB, headers, etc) I think I could put it in the low...
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    Dunlop Radial Mud Rover

    Pretty much a BFG mud radial with the word 'dunlop' written on it. The rubber is a little softer, so they won't last as long as the BFG, but they probably ride better, and definately cost less. A little loud on the highway, but not bad. Comparable to the Kuhmo mudders. My brother had a set...
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    tire size/mph

    your odometer and speedometer run off of the same gear. You are off by about 7% (your readings will be 7% slower than actual). That was 1 - (stock tire size 28.8"/ new tire size 31"). So you will want to change your oil when your odometer reads 2,790 miles if you are changing it in 3000 mile...
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    gas efficiency?

    yeah, explorerfriend, if you went up in tire size, your odometer is turning slower. The odometer works off the speedometer cable gear (at least in the 1st gens). Figure out the size percentage that your new tire is of your old tire and multiply that by your gas mileage. If you changed gear...
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    gas efficiency?

    I don't know if anyone mentioned this, but if you have re-geared or changed tire size (or both), your odometer will be off and thus affect your gas mileage calculation. (unless you have changed your speedo gear, etc.) (I'm sure this has been hashed and re-hashed all over the internet and this...
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    driver's door window bracket came unglued

    Howdy What type of glue do you fellers figure would bond my driver's side door window glass to the little metal bracket that holds it? It came unglued....
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    electric fan malfunctioning

    it doesnt have a VSC, but i probed around with a multimeter and found that electricity was flowing from the a/c clutch plug-in on the fan back to the compressor. I put in a diode from radio shack, and it is now behaving itself. Hopefully the diode will was a 3 amp, 50 volt...any...
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    Brake fluid flushing

    hahahaha, nice
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    LSD opperating as open diff.

    get a locker. its not worth putting in a limited slip when you can put in a locker with almost as good road manners (powertrax no slip), and it won't wear out. my opinion only.
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    LSD opperating as open diff.

    the difference between a factory limited slip and a locker offroad is night and day.
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    LSD opperating as open diff.

    this is the perfect excuse to get a locker. try the powertrax no slip - easy to install; i think there's one for sale in the parts section
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    electric fan malfunctioning

    nah, good point though.
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    electric fan malfunctioning

    greetings i've got a flex a lite 150 on my 92 explorer. The problem is that when the thermostat kicks the fan on, the a/c clutch starts to cycle as well, even though my a/c button is off. I've got all the wires hooked up right; it had been working fine for about a year or so until just...
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    lift identification question

    no shackles, all the lift in the back is from the springs. The front is a little bit higher than the back, maybe about 1".
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    lift identification question

    i just bought a suspension lifted 91 navajo w/ 33's. It has superlift shocks & the leaf springs are still under the axle. No steering stabilizer. I wasn't sure what size the lift is. Is there a single part that I can measure to tell how much lift this thing has? The front sway bar drop...
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    2wd prerunner

    i have a 92 sport 2wd with 4" of lift, a powertrax no slip, 3.73's & 31" BFG's. It does well off road, has good on road manners, & doesn't use a lot of gas. Usually if i'm going to get stuck off road (not that i wheel it often), it is in a spot that most stock 4x4's can't get through. It is...
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    powertrax no-slip question

    I fixed it today. I had to uninstall and reinstall it; apparantly when i put it together the first time one of the drivers wasn't fully engaged with its coupler. Anyway, it works good. Thanks for the input spindlecone. Your fan is working well also, the truck stays cooler than the mechanical...
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    powertrax no-slip question

    yeah, the no slip. I just put it in, and i think i screwed up. The pinion shaft was hard to get in, i had to hammer it. I suppose thats not normal. I buttoned it up and went for a drive, and its not working properly. why can't one just reuse the old pinion shaft?