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    What do you REALLY think about your '06+????

    Hi folks; I used to frequent this site a lot when I had my 97 limited. I traded that in on an '04 Mustang Gt. Well; the mustang has almost 80K miles on it now. (yes, eighty thousand miles) in a little over two years. My wife and I have the '04 GT and an '05 V-6 Mustang. Our vehicle...
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    diesel ranger Q's?

    Hi folks; I just found an '83 ranger with the diesel motor. I have an 85 4x4 ranger with a junk motor and trans. I am wondering if I should put the diesel in the 4x4 or not? I think it would be a pretty good wheeler. Hmmm...... diesel 6" lift 33's...... the pro's.... 85 4x4 is free...
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    XM RADIO good? bad?

    xm radio Hi; My wife and I recently took a trip to Downieville, Ca. We only lost signal a few times up in the mountains, and it was only for short periods of time. Overall, we love the xm service. I was kind of scepticle about it at first. My wife wanted one for her birthday, so I got it for...
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    Lowering air suspension 97

    Thanks John......but...... Can I just bolt the new shocks in directly as replacements for the air ride stuff, or are there any other parts to buy or modifications to make? Are they a direct swap? I do carry about fifty to one hundred pounds of gear with me all the time to work (two uniforms...
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    Lowering air suspension 97

    Hi folks; I have a 97 limited w/ V-8, auto/ auto-leveling air suspension. So far it is all stock except for a K&n drop in filter. What I want to do is put on the explorer express x-spec suspension kit except for the shocks. The 1 3/8" drop in the back is cool, but I want it to have a little...
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    can i use these wheels on my ex?

    Thanks folks Thanks for the replies; I'm going to go ahead and try those rims. I don't know yet what size tires yet, I'm going to go see a tire guy I know so we can try some out to see how they look. Once I get them mounted, I'll get pics and post them so you can all see how they look and...
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    can i use these wheels on my ex?

    Hi folks; I have a 97 limited; at stock height right now. A friend of mine has a set of stock rims that are from his late-model Mustang GT. They are 17"x8". I would like to know if I can mount these on my ex. And would I need some sort of adapter? I plan on mounting these rims along with the...
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    popping and missing

    Man, I feel stupid; was:popping and missing O.k; You can all laugh at me now; Hell, why not; I'm kicking myself in the butt about every third step! Pondered over what was wrong with my ex; finally posted a message to the board called "popping and missing"; pondered some more. Finally got...
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    popping and missing

    oops Oops; Forgot about that. I have the 5.0 v-8 engine in my ex. George
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    popping and missing

    Hi folks; Man, I hope you guys can help me out here. Last weekend I noticed a problem I have never had before. I was leaving work and getting on the freeway when I noticed the ex was "popping and missing". I will tell you the symptoms and the conditions under which they occur. The truck...
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    looking for new lifted truck

    Hi folks; Well; because of some thangs going on, I can finally afford a new truck! I am looking for a dealership that sells new trucks with lifts and bigger tires already installed. I don't have the time to install these things myself because I work so much, so I'll have to buy it with the...
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    SHE'S DEAD, R.I.P. BAKON 10/25/2002

    block boring well now; Please do yourself a big favor! Go ahead and read up on tricking out your motor. Buy books; do research online, talk to speed shops, etc. But, when you actually get down to building up your motor; have a good machine shop sonic test your block first. Books will tell...
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    Ford dealer sucks

    Call the B.A.R !!!! Cynthia; Here in the people's republic of California, we have a state agency called the Bureu(sp?) of automotive repair. One of their stated purposes is to help mediate problems such as this. You should also be able to do some research on that dealership to find out how...
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    That blasted egr tube......

    Hi all; Well; heard a pop when I started up to go to work a couple of nights ago. Right after that; I could hear an exhaust leak. I had been hearing a light ticking noise from that side for a while. So; I took a look; and, lo and behold, the damn egr tube was broken in half. So; I take a ride...
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    Alternator question? Kinda long

    Hi Folks; Well; I got 5 years out of the old motorcraft battery in my 97. Not bad. Unfortunatelly, it died at work. I had to have a co-worker come from another site to give me a jumpstart. And; I still had 7 hours of my shift to go! I had to charge the battery with the alternator. That took a...
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    Mustang Cam in 98 Explorer

    Please don't !!!! Jake; As someone who has seen many people do this (I worked for eight years in an automotive machine shop), let me please beg you not to do this. 1. As someone else already pointed out to you, the torque curve of a mustang cam would not really benefit the torque needs of a...
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    First the oil change place; NOW..........!!

    Hi Kurt Kurt; Thanks for the reply. I know that not all of the guys are like this guy was. I have to say that I have also run into some parts guys at Kragen's that knew what they were doing; and not all of them were guys! This same store in question used to have a young lady working there that...
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    First the oil change place; NOW..........!!

    Hmmm...... Well; I think I will just have to go right back there sometime this week and (making sure the same two guys are working); ask them for a new high-speed flutter valve. Not the low-speed one, you know; the high-speed flutter valve. Or maybe eight cans of compression, the red cans...
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    First the oil change place; NOW..........!!

    WOW; I just cannot believe these blithering idiots around here!!!!!!!!!! My last post was about the little moron at the oil change place right? Well; yesterday I go over the hill to the Kragens parts store. I pick up some brake fluid and some grease for the caliper slide pins. I walk back to...
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    I'm Pissed!!!! Need to vent!!!!

    Hi Folks; I went and got my oil changed a while ago. I took my case of Mobil 1 and filter with me. Told the guy; "hey, tell them to leave the air filter alone, its a K&N; and its clean"! Well; I'm running down the road later on and my wife says to me; "hey, your truck is a little louder now"...
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    97 awd front brake questions?

    thanks for the tips! Hi all; Hey, thanks for the tips. I did not know the ex's had sealed wheel bearings. Hmmm......Should be doing the brake job in the next week or two. I will post again after doing it to let you all know how these rotors and pads work out. George
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    97 awd front brake questions?

    Hi Folks; Well, after reading as many posts as I could find about brakes; I decided to order some drilled, slotted front rotors and titanium pads from J.C Whitney. Not a bad price; came to about $166.00 with s/h. I also plan on flushing and filling the brake system with synthetic fluid. My...
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    hope this helps...... Hi; You have recieved some helpful tips from some of the members of the board; but here are some more. 1. since you say you are about to do a tune-up; hopefully it is just a fouled spark plug or a bad plug wire, and the tune-up will fix it. you say that you are not too...
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    cost to repaint hood?

    Hi folks; I was at a body shop a few months ago getting some crash damage from a drunk driver repaired. I was discussing some scratches on the hood with the guy and he told me that it would cost almost a thousand dollars to repaint the hood due to my truck having a "factory 3 stage pearl paint...
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    need to mount cell phone and other stuff

    thanks folks Hi folks; Thanks a lot for the ideas. Kspride, thanks for the link. I sent them an e-mail, but they have not replied yet. Chasf111; thanks for that idea. I'll check that out some time this week. I still think im going to put the c.b inside the console, if it will fit. Once I get...