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    Lean condition - only shows P0171 code

    Howdy, I'm fighting a lean code on my 2001 explorer xlt 4.0L v6 SOHC. The reader only shows p0171. I've cleaned the MAF sensor 3 times so far and changed the air filter. I had a K&N in there and I read the oil on them can keep mucking with the MAF. Now it's got a paper STP filter in it. After I...
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    Another Cranks but won't start thread

    Update: cleared the misfire codes since they were due to some electrical grounding issues. Now fighting a P0171 lean code.
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    Another Cranks but won't start thread

    Update: got it started but now have P0351 and P0352 codes. Sometimes they are pending sometimes they are faults. Replaced all spark plugs and wires and same story. Idles very rough but is ok when I give it gas. Strong fuel smell so I suspect a lean condition.
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    Another Cranks but won't start thread

    I should also mention I am not sure how to fix that disjoint in the fuse box. How do you fix a single break like that? I read on this forum that fuse 13 is the "15A Heated O2 sensors, EGR Vacuum Regulator, EVR solenoid,Camshaft position (CMP) Sensor, Cannister Vent Solenoid, A4LD Auto...
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    Another Cranks but won't start thread

    I've got a weird one for you guys. I got this Explorer recently and it has been a chore to get things working. Here's the saga of my no start condition: On Sunday, I set out to replace my driver's side valve cover gasket since it was leaking oil. The first thing I did, after disconnecting the...