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  1. J

    Greetings from Sunny Flo-rida.

    BrooklynBay... Original Engine... Original Tranny. I am VERY careful on cranking it these days. I hold the accelerator down to turn the engine over and build oil pressure before letting off on the accelerator and letting the engine fire off.
  2. J

    Greetings from Sunny Flo-rida.

    Greetings from Sunny Florida. 2003 Ford Explorer XLT V8 And 1994 Ford E250 Cargo Van with 4.9 inline 6 engine and E4OD Tranny... closing in on a million miles on the E250. And my great aunts owned one of the first electric start Model T's back in 1919. FOMOCO all the way!!! (except for...
  3. J

    SeaFoam before fluid change?

    I have always sworn by BG products in the crankcase, tranny and most important power steering fluid. My two Holman Moody retired mechanics swear by the stuff and turned me on to it. BG Products, Inc.