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    Its here - Electric Cooling Fan install

    subscribe need to do this
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    factory amp - where is it?

    If you do have a factory amp, it should be behind the passenger side pannel in the cargo area. Just infront of the cubby hole/factory sub box. Also, do yourself a favor and go buy a wiring harness instead of chopping wires. Makes it a lot easier to put your system in, and to put your factory...
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    My 3" body lift

    Looks good Dakota, I just installed the BL on my 97 sport, and I too need to go up to 33's, but my 32's look alright for now. What kind of rubber are you considering? I have the mtr's right now, but might go with the baja claw radials next. Good work, and I envy your tire carrier.
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    key sticks

    If you meen that the key will not turn in the ignition, then I think I have had the same thing happen to me sometimes too, in several different ford vehicles. Someone told me what it was once, but I forget, it is some sort of safety feature or something. All you have to do is grab the steering...
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    Bumper Brackets

    subscribed build them in the morning
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    Leather Cleaner for DIRTY leather?

    The best thing I have ever used on my leather, or anyother interior cleaning, are Mr Clean magic Errasers. I get pipe dope on my seats quite a bit, (work on the drilling rigs) and this is the best thing to get it off. Give it a try, and if it doesn't do the trick, you can still use them in the...
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    Superlift finally arrived!

    Might have been a better idea to figure that all out before you spent all that moola. That's just my opinion though.
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    Pics of SOA and TT and Spindles, COMPLETE!!

    I would have got a leaf spring pack out of a four door put under there too. I did, and the ride improved alot! Monoleaf sux. Truck looks good though, keep it up.
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    front end shake

    I also experienced a dreadful shake as well. It ended up being my tie rod ends. May want to have those looked at. Good luck
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    Sport with rear tire carrier

    I had thought about this mod myself, but I was worried about the hinges ripping out from the 1/4 panel. What did you do to reinforce that area? Any pics of it from behind the plastic pannel inside your cargo area? I am sick of seeing my 32" spare stuffed up under my truck, especially once i get...
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    T-Case problem

    That sounds like what i had with my 97, and eventually it was my t-case that went out on me. Left me stranded, then paid $1600, (Canadian) to have the input shaft, chain, range fork and range selector (? not sure) to be replaced. Take it to a shop and have it checked out is my advice. Maybe cost...
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    Rear Tire Carriers

    Have you seen this thread of Jefe's? I planon doing something like this in the summer some time. I plan on using the latch mechanisim off of a late 80's full size Bronco, then having everything else pretty much just like Jefe has on his. Here is the link to the thread...
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    Replacing Plugs

    Every year for the past three years at about this time, my truck starts to run like crap, (rough idle, extremely poor throtle response) and i will pull the plugs and sure enough, they need to be replaced. How often are you guys changin your plugs out? I have tried the Bosch +4, OEM replacement...
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    WANTED - Custom Subbox

    I had one, and didn't like it much. It is a big improvement over stock, but not the amount of base I was looking for. Like TheRookie said, the sub it comes with does suck. I sold mine to a member on here named dirty Dog, he really likes it, look for his profile, and see what sub and amp he is...
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    How to do this 4.0 SOHC Cover...

    How do you know if his was a success either? Maybe that pic was taken just after he did it, and now it looks like yours does/did.
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    Rust removal on a chrome tip

    I have heard that using coke works, but have never tried it myself. Can't hurt though, and if it doesn't work, buy some whiskey.
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    Anybody ever use one of these? Moto-carrier

    I was looking at those too, but think that I would stay away from them. I was wanting one for my sport bike, but a trailer seems more reliable, and can be used for other things also. Even if they waranty the product, doesn't mean that they will pay out for the HUGE damage to your bike if it does...
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    how to remove stock headlights?

    are you trying to get the bulbs out, or the assembly? I just changed the bulbs on my 97, and was having some difficulty as well, until I realized that you have to unscrew the round peice that is around socket from the back. After that, it should just pop right out. Hopefully that helps out.
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    pro comp all terain tires

    Never had them, but my buddy who does alot of wheeling has had the x-terrains and he will never buy another set again. They wore REALLY fast, but I don't know if the At's have the same rubber compound though. Worth looking into. Also, seems strange that most places that sell these are giving...
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    Wrangler MT/R

    What don't you like about your Mt's Section?
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    Wrangler MT/R

    I got a set of 32x11.5r15's on my sport this summer and love everything about them. Got them for a great price new, best traction I have ever had on any condition, even ice, and they look awesome. Some guys I work with also run them, one guy has about 60,000kms on his 35's and they still have...
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    How to: Receiver Hitch storage basket (Welding project)

    I have been seeing similar setups to carry motorbikes, and I considered it for me. Just a little worried that it wouldn't hold up to a 350lb bike back there.
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    Trans or T-case shot

    no, i went and paid for it. if i got one from the junk yard, my luck would turn it into a piece of sh#t too.
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    Trans or T-case shot

    The verdict is in, need a seal kit, chain, range hub, range fork and an input shaft. Total cost with instal, 1500 Canadian. F*#k!
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    Trans or T-case shot

    I just got back from the transmission shop, and by what I have told them, they think it might be the t-case. Blee, I checked the fluid and it seemed good. The banging sound was mostly happening on streets that were full of gradual dips. When going over a dip, or wave in the pavement, the...