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    Oil Found In Air Filter

    Oil blow by? I just changed the oil & filter (switched to Mobil 1 full synthetic) and air filter in my wife's 2012 Limited Edition Explorer. As I removed the elbow prior to the air cleaner box, there was oil dripping out of it. I wiped it out & will keep an eye on it. Anyone else heard of this...
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    Problems with Gas Fill

    My wife's 2012 Limited just started doing the same thing. I thought she was crazy at first, until we went to refuel. Turns out, she was correct. Now, I have to deal with my local dealer again......just can't win!!!:(
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    first snow driving

    Besides, who said that I am staying in CT when we retire? :D
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    first snow driving

    If we had decided to buy a 4wd, I still would have spent the money on dedicated snow tires. The 20" tires that come on the Limited just wouldn't cut the snow like our Blizzacks!
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    first snow driving

    My wife drivers a 2012 Limited FWD. I bought 4 Blizzack's with wheels from the Tire Rack for the snow. She drove back & forth to work this past weekend (worked 6 am -5 pm) & had NO complaints about driving in the snow. Last year was just a fluke with all that snow we got. If the snow gets...
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    Winter Tire and Wheel Recommendations

    Finally called the Tire Rack & after a few questions, tires ordered on Monday 1/2/12. Tires & wheels were available at their CT warehouse, picked them up the same day all mounted and balanced. I went with the TPMS so the wife wouldn't have to worry about low air pressure. Tires are 17"...
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    Power Liftgate

    We were having the same type of problem with the wife's "12 limited. Cold or warm weather, hatch would pop open approximately 1-2 inches then close. I looked at the latch and it appeared the catch (hoop) was out of alignment. So, with the help of a piece of wood & a hammer, I bent the hoop...
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    Winter Tire and Wheel Recommendations

    Has anyone had problems changing from the 20" tires on a Limited to 17" or 18" snow tires? I am looking for problems with antilock brakes, onboard computer, etc. This is for a 2012 Limited front wheel drive. :)
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    Tire sizes

    I'm looking for info. concerning snow tires for the wife's 2012 FWD Explorer Limited. Is there a reason that I can't run an 18 inch snow tire/wheel package in place of the 20 inch tire/wheels that came on the vehicle on delivery. I am worried about computer & sensor issues. Also, I am looking...
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    2012 with Navigation - 6 month waiting time?

    From day ordered to day of delivery to my dealer was 8 weeks (exactly the time they quoted me) :wavey: