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    Broken leafsprings

    I'm on rit campus. Yup Dibellas has good subs, love them. Thanks for the info.
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    Broken leafsprings

    Hi i have a 2000 ranger. The middle leaves on both side broke. I'm wondering if the leaves from an explorer will fit. I searched on this and all the rangers i found were from the 90s or 80s. :o Is there a difference between the 2000 ranger and the earlier rangers? I'm thinking about getting...
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    Wiper Motor replacement

    I'm in the middle of replacing the front wiper motor on my 93' ex. The problem is the clip connecting the motor to the linkage. :banghead: :banghead: I've tried both access panels and still cant get it off. Any advice? A picture of the clip would be nice. The manual dosent help at all. :fire:
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    Argh, stupid relays. need help.

    Done and done. Thanks!
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    Argh, stupid relays. need help.

    Ok I have a pair of hella 1000 FF. It has its own relay. What i want to do is wire the hella relay into the foglight relay so it comes on when i press the foglight switch. Its a 00' ranger which should be pretty much similar. I tried wiring the relay into the #4 relay in the power...
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    Battery light flashing..

    I have a 2000 ranger with the 3.0 V-6. Well when i floor it and the rpms gets above 4k, the battery light flashs. This is a stock battery, would putting in a new battery fix this? I have a red top in my ex that i could transplant into the ranger when i sell the ex soon.
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    old 5.0 with mazda tranny?

    I have a 84' 5.0 thats rated at 175 hp for my 83' mustang. And since i have a M5OD-R1 tranny on hand. Will it bolt up? This 5.0 is not really powerful. I saw other posts about why you shouldnt use it and thats for built up 5.0s. Just wanted to know.
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    Possible to blow manual hubs?

    Could keystone clamps be the culprit? I didnt see any and dont even know what they look like.
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    Possible to blow manual hubs?

    Ujoints are intact. It slides in and out. Very weird
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    Possible to blow manual hubs?

    I found the problem. The right axle shaft went in so there was nothing for the hub to grab onto and since this is a open diffy it gave the illusion of a b0rked hub. This sounds expensive. I pulled the shaft back out and slipped the hub back on. Will it be fine or not?
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    Possible to blow manual hubs?

    My 4wd didn't work yesterday when i went offroading. Got stuck and almost injured when my friend pulled too hard and snapped his tow hook off. :eek: Now, i looked under and saw the driveshaft moving but the tires dont move. These are the manual warn hubs. I'm going to jack up the truck today to...
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    Does leaf drop brackets exist?

    Ok, in front I have 4 inch bds drop brackets for axles, 4 inch skyjacker coils 2 inch daystar(I think) spacers. So that's 6 inchs suspension. Now, I want my explorer to grow not shrink. I still haven't heard anything from you guys about f150 leafs I assume they're a bad idea or what?
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    Does leaf drop brackets exist?

    I don't know how to weld and don't know anyone who does. There's a lot of junkyards that I know of that should have f150 leafs. I have 7 inchs in back from body lift, shackles aal so that's about 7 inchs max.
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    Does leaf drop brackets exist?

    Already trimmed. But I'm sure i have enough room. But I just put in the new coils today. I don't want to go through the hassle of taking out the spacers. :( . F-150 leafs seems easier. :D
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    Does leaf drop brackets exist?

    I'm running 35s so that's not a good idea. What about F-150 leafs?
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    Does leaf drop brackets exist?

    I recently lifted my front end with new coils. So i have a total of 9 inchs of lift in the front and 7-8 in the back. I already have shackles and aal so i'm wondering if there's a drop bracket that exists for the front part of the leaf. I'm running out of money here and don't want to go for soa.
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    Replace Egr with non EGR?

    A friend of mine needs a new engine for his 93' sport. He currently has a egr equipped 4.0. He found a non-egr engine. Will it work? His state has no emission laws so it shouldnt be a problem but are the computers compatible?
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    Unable to disconnect transmission

    I am working on my friend's 93 sport with a manual transmission. We are trying to take the motor out. We took out all the bolts attaching the tranny to the engine but it still wont come free. What do i do?
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    I'll be making the ascension to 35s soon. :D :D All I'll need is a 2 inch lift in the front to keep it safe. Don't worry pics soon. :confused:
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    Ah good fun..

    The one the unimog went through? I went through that. But the unimog went through from the side and got hung up on the deep ruts.
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    Method of finding out if open or LS

    I heard that if you jack up your axle including the tires. It is possible to find out if you have open or lsd. Now I did this to my front axle and the tires rotated in opposite directions. Does this mean open?
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    Power Loss with 32s

    I had 33s with 3.27 gears before. They were more like 34s though. The power loss was tolerable. Iff you have 3.55 or 3.73 You'll be fine.
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    Ah good fun..

    Is this the hole you were talking about? Ex in a hole
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    Unimog hate'in life!!

    I saw that Unimog perform. It was very very top heavy. Here's a vid of it geting yanked out by a big ford truck The unimog beign pulled out I wish i could post more but i exceeded my disk quota :(
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    Ah good fun..

    Yup, I remember. Did you make it home on the water? My truck is still overheating now :banghead: And my alternator went out last night but its fine now. Does Delta Sonic have an engine cleaning service? I sprayed my radiator with a high pressure hose 3 times so far and its not helping.