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    Removing pinstripe covered with clearcoat?

    reminds me of the time I lettered a van for a local business, and a few years later he wanted to sell it and brought it in for lettering removal. Turned out that he'd clear coated it, so I sent him to the body shop for sanding and repaint. A pinstripe is easier since it's a straight line, you...
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    Fuel pump stress

    I don't know if the alarm ties into the fuel pump or not, but did you check the fuels shutoff, I think your year it's under the carpet under the glove box. I've heard of them getting tripped by a passengers foot or light front end bump.
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    belt tensioner loose - shakes

    No, it's not normal. On my '96 it started that way then started to squeal, I replaced it for about $25 and it was pretty easy. They do wear out at 80-100k miles.
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    Strange noise from under hood

    When off and sitting, the oil drains down into the pan, so when starting up there is very little coating the moving parts, until the pump starts to circulate it. generally a noise like that is related to lifters or worse, rod bearings or wrist pins. When dry there's enough slop to make the...
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    Suggestion for tires?

    When I decided to get rid of the lousy Wranglers that came on my Ranger (at 30k) I did a lot of research and decided on the Firestone Destination ATs. They are rated #2 on TireRack, and lived up to it. No more fishtailing in rain, and really good grip in snow and ice, even with an overpowered...
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    $18,000 Bronco

    It is a classic, and in great shape, but probably about $8,000 overpriced.
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    Anything to be worried about?

    May have been overheated, and OK now. Did you have the fluid changed at 30k like the manual calls for? Also, it should still be on warranty, so have the dealer check it.
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    Serpentine belt cutting lower Radiator hose

    Posting a picture might help. You can take the hose to a good auto parts and ask for the same diameter but longer in the flexible ribbed type. I've never seen a hose factory mounted through the loop of a belt.
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    Serpentine belt cutting lower Radiator hose

    The belt cannot be moved, so you have to deal with the hose. I haven't seen that problem since I had a 1964 Buick that had the hose melted by the oil filter. If it's the correct hose, you might try cutting 1/2"-3/4" off one end to shorten it to pull it away, as long as you leave enough flat...
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    $1500 overhaul on tranny, 4 days later its slipping worse!!! please help!!!!

    I hope they take care of it under warranty, but I'd be skeptical of a rebuild for that little money. When I checked over 3 years ago for my '96 the lowest estimate was $2,600, on up to $3,400.
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    Is it time to put my 95 out?

    Agreed, that's an easy job. The clutch is self adjusting. Since it's been recently replaced, I'd check to see if there's air in the system, maybe needs re-bleeding. Try pumping the pedal 8-10 times in neutral, then try it again, if it catches lower it's likely air. Good luck on the checkup...
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    Think the tranny went this mornin', need help!

    Hopefully electronics, have you tried reverse, or 1 rather than D? I have never seen that happen before, usually (experience with 3) the engine races and eventually it will start moving slowly.
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    Steering Wheel Shaking

    Is it worse when you brake? If so check for warped rotors, they will make it shake when rolling but are worse when you step on the pedal.
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    Screwing through sheetmetal...

    I agree with the bolts. In a severe wind at speed the sheet metal screw could pull out. On the inside look for "fender washers", they are very large with a small hole. watch closely as you tighten because you could distort the sheet metal on the roof if they are not positioned on a perfectly...
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    2005 XLT 4.0 with 40k miles for $12k -- deal or no deal? Or get a Grand Cherokee?

    If you are worried about the trans, call a couple of shops and ask how much for a rebuild. They will say "depends on how bad it is" but just ask for a comparison of Exp vs Chero same amount of damage. You may find that the Exp is cheaper. I have seen a recent reliability survey showing that...
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    How much should a transmission rebuild cost?

    Last time I was quoted on one it was $2,600 for a '96 about 4 years ago, and I'd guess the prices are higher now, and higher in your area than here.
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    2005: Did they fix the trans? How do you transport a canoe?

    I have transported my 15' cane on many different vehicles including a 1996 Exp and several with no luggage rack. You can buy hard foam pads that have slits to fit into the edge rails of the canoe and are about 6"x6" square to lay flat on the roof to protect it. I got them at Joe's years ago...
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    Idler pulley replacement on a 1996 Ford Explorer.

    I changed the one on the '96 I used to have, in about 20 minutes, cost $25 but that was about 4 years ago before I bought the Ranger. Mine was the 4.0 V6. The fan blades are hard on the knuckles but I managed to remove the belt without taking off the fan,using a ratchet and turning the fan by...
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    Maybe tranny problem

    I have had 3 of them go out on different vehicles, and they all did just as you described. I have also seen it happen on a trans that was just low on fluid, but with that many miles you cannot complain if it's tired. Around here it would cost $2,600 US, to rebuild it, that's $2,607 Canadian...
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    Brakes grinding sound/feeling when warmed up, nothing when cold

    Do the brakes stop you well, without pulling on either side? If so it may just be poor quality pads. That's typical of certain brake pads, and always goes away when you rough them up a bit. Check the box they came in, were they made in China? When you buy pads at the auto parts they will have...
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    how will my 2wd truck do in the snow?

    I have 4WD on mine, and while it does fine on the flats and going up hills, even two sandbags makes it an adventure to stop going down a hill. I would definitely pack chains.
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    Does this sound like a good offer or should I offer more or less?

    The key to getting the deal you want is willingness to walk away if they don't go for it. Try to find 1-2 others that you might like as backups. How much they will discount it depends on many factors. If they think you really want that truck they will remain stubborn. I'd start lower and then...
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    Michelin "Radius" wipers, sale at Walmart, $12.97!

    I bought a set of those for my wife's Liberty, and the darned things squeak loudly unless it's raining hard. Enough to drive you nuts.
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    How long do yall think it takes to rebuild a tranny?

    I have had 3 done, a 1990 Bronco, 1994 4Runner, and 72 El Camino. All of them were done in 2-3 days. Prices were $3,200, $2,800 and $1,200.
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    4.4 Earthquake! hits LA area.

    Yesterday I was just telling my wife that it seemed like what we used to call "earthquake weather" when we lived in CA. Unseasonal warm and breezy. We were almost expecting one here, but so far nothing. Having been through many stronger ones in the Bay Area I'm glad you only had a 4.4, I'll...