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  1. J

    16 months of ownership - finally happy

    Congrats. I also just got rid of my 2011 Ford Explorer (would of lost it in Sandy anyway) and got a Chevy Volt. I ended up losing the Chevy Volt in Sandy and got a Mercedes Benz C-300. Although (you may be shocked) the Mercedes doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of Ford I do enjoy it. I...
  2. J

    New 2013 Explorer on Vancouver High Way:-)

    Funny, when I had my Ford Explorer (I changed and would of lost it in Hurricane Sandy anyway), I thought the lights where super bright and loved them! I did find the rear window small for the size of car but got use to it and finally got a position I loved driving it in. I admit now, I do miss...
  3. J

    Need Advice

    They sure look different to me. I don’t know about you but I am very picky on how my car looks and even if someone else couldn’t notice I would and it would drive me nuts! Did you call and complain or see if they made a mistake?
  4. J

    2013 Front door sprays water when opened

    THIS DRIVES ME NUTS. I always stand back 10 feet when opening the door because I don’t need to be soaked when opening the door. I haven’t gotten it fixed yet or gone to the dealer with it but I sure hope there is a fix. - Justin
  5. J

    Looking to get out of lease.

    Depends if person wants them off. I would remove it if they wanted to. - Justin
  6. J

    Looking to get out of lease.

    We know. That's the issue with trying to get rid of it. I still think for the money it's a good deal considering the miles I have on it and only a few months left on the lease. If you want it for a short time it's pretty good if you ask me! - Justin
  7. J

    Looking to get out of lease.

    I'm not looking to get a Ford/ Lincoln. I'm not sure right now and I gotta trade my lease before anything. We only lease so we can give the car back and get something new. You gotta understand I have a first batch car. I put 5,000 down which is basically free money to whoever takes the...
  8. J

    Looking to get out of lease.

    It’s not the car I love it just getting bored and want change. Ford is real tough on not taking cars back so swap lease is the best chance I have. If you know anyone interested, send them my way! - Justin
  9. J

    Looking to get out of lease.

    I am looking to get out of my 2011 Ford Explorer lease so I can get into another car of my liking. Nothing wrong with my car I just got bored and sadly chose a long lease then I should of. If anyone is interested I put it on some popular swapping sites. It is only 600 a month and I figure you...
  10. J

    Tire Pressure Monitoring System - TPMS

    Thanks for the information… just came back from filling up the tires with air again and will check tomorrow for any leaks or computer issues. So far it seems fine but I will see. - Justin
  11. J

    Tire Pressure Monitoring System - TPMS

    I didn’t even go through heavy water and even if the heavy rain hit my sensor I think it would of cleared up by now. Also let’s say they actually where low on air… after putting air in the tires today shouldn’t it gone off. Anyone know the PSI that the tires should be at? I am curious and...
  12. J

    Tire Pressure Monitoring System - TPMS

    I am going to inspect the tires again but there is no sign of losing air, no slow leak and I didn’t hit anything for sure while driving. Also the car doesn’t pull to a side as if there is a slow leak. Even if it was a leak I would still have to go to service, thankfully there is one in my...
  13. J

    Tire Pressure Monitoring System - TPMS

    I know there is an issue with the tire pressure warning system going off after it pours out and the fix is to put air in all the tires just to get the system to reset. My issue is that the system didn’t reset when I put in air today. Is there anything else I can do or do I have to go to...
  14. J

    Purchased a 2013: Worst 27 days evar...

    I am very sorry you are having this issue with a brand new car! I have an original if not one of the first off the production line and have never had an issue with my 2011. I went into service for normal stuff but never something so severe as this. I don’t understand how my car is fine yet...
  15. J

    New Explore (Bad Navigation)

    Does this happen mainly when just starting the car? I find mine takes a little longer to boot up after just starting the car but in a couple of moments it reverts back and works. Yesterday I clicked my map to see where I was (took a long way home from school) and it said I was on a court and...
  16. J

    Warning lights randomly pop up - Brake System / Advance Trac

    I have had my lights pop up but never my advance traction control. The lights went away when I took it into service and told them about it… not sure what they did but they fixed it. Is something blocking the sensors? Make sure they are clear and not blocked by anything. It can even be as...
  17. J

    Purchasing Advice from my fellow enthusiasts!

    According to this inventory window sticker I found your right the color is not Kodiak Brown but Golden Bronze Metallic.
  18. J

    List of Useful Threads Hood Paint bubble issue only

    I don’t understand how so many people with 2011 Ford Explorers are having so many issues. I have one and haven’t had any of the issues posted. I don’t hear that much noise when on the parkway… it’s a car and wind you should hear noise no? I did smell the smell when hard acceleration and I...
  19. J

    Purchasing Advice from my fellow enthusiasts!

    Considering according to this the car should be about 40 grand it isn’t a bad price. I have a 2011 Ford Explorer and I really haven’t had any issue with MFT and updated it easily with a USB. I only had an issue with my rear seats coming of the hinges and a medal piece popping out. In about 3...
  20. J

    Ford frustrations!!! Help!

    I would suggest sending Corey (I believe that’s your name) on here a PM and ask him to look into it. He may be able to get you a direct call or something from Ford. I am not up to date with all this technology talk but has your Ford dealer replaced the wiring and monitor its self for MFT. I...
  21. J

    Going into service!

    I saw that thread I may bring it… I mean it’s not a huge deal if I don’t have them but a nice addition if I did. I’m debating asking them to check my wiring to make sure everything is good and not loose.
  22. J

    Going into service!

    I am going into service on Friday because my back/ trunk seats sorta slipped off the track and now a medal piece is sticking out… ouch! I was wondering on what else I should get checked. This is my second time in service the first for an oil change. I am also getting an oil change this time...
  23. J

    Explorer SPORT or BMW X5?

    If it came down to me with an Explorer or BMW I would get a BMW. I am just a huge BMW fan (don’t hate me explorer fans) and would love to drive one, one day! I do however love my Explorer and wouldn’t change it for anything. Like Peter said I only had few issues and enjoy changing the car up...
  24. J

    2013 Ford Explorer Vs 2012 Acadia Denali

    Well one congratulations on the new additions to the family! Anyway, if you are looking at safety the Ford Explorer is definitely safe. Being that the Ford Explorer is my first car I wanted it to be safe and it sure is. I love the blind spot indicators, heads up display, backup camera, rear...
  25. J

    Car keeps locking in car wash?

    I think I should think before I post sometimes. :D