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    possible trans problem?

    can i just cut the cat off completely and replace it with a straight pipe with out the computer going crazy making it run rich or lean ? we dont have emission tests in hawaii so i dont think itd be illegal, it has a new muffler so it shouldnt be too loud. also can it still have "codes"...
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    need help with 1993 explorer please

    Idle Air Control - IAC Mass Air Flow - MAF
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    liftgate rattle

    mine has the same prob, but i dont think its the actual lift gate that rattles, i think its the panel or something inside thats rattling , at least on mine. but my lift gate is goofy, it sits like its pushed out about 1/2 inch ,and when you shut it , it doesnt feel like it shut even though...
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    Rear window regulator?-help please

    ive messed with trying to wind them things up in various vehicles, it just wont work. even when it is wound up,it wont work lol.. last time i tried, i got it wound up,hit the button and the cable snapped! its a "push - pull " type of deal,so the cable is wrapping 2 different ways on the pulley...
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    possible trans problem?

    91 X 4.0v6, auto 4x4 almost 90k .. up shifts fine.. it tops out around 55-60 mph... pedal to the Floor .. runs around 2000 rpm i think, the pedal is to the floor at 55-60.. shift in to drive and it will slowly climb to 70 with the pedal to floor,, i noticed this being a problem as i was...
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    Cant Figure Out Overheating

    just cuz it dont leak dont mean its good. my last explorer i had,when you touch the fins on the radiator, they would flake off. must have been the salt air?
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    93 X electrical problem

    thanks for the tips. went to the wrecking yard and pulled the one touche module from a 94.. window motor is getting power now. speaker still dont work, ill check in to that later, it may be a problem behind the dash. power mirrors still dont work, dont know whats up with them . getting no...
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    93 explorer 4x4 project

    ended up straightening the old regulator out,installed the new motor,and took back the new regulator. window reg ,with motor installed. it was a PITA, thing is spring loaded.a guy could lose a finger it he aint careful. picked this one touch box thing up from the junkyard,driver...
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    93 X electrical problem

    93 X ,4 door, 4x4,4.0v6 ,auto.. power locks/windows. driver door has no power going to the window motor or speaker. (the rest of the speakers/window motors work ) driver door switch panel works,sometimes itll work the front pass window,somes works,sometimes dont. power locks all work. power...
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    WTB:rear wiper arm/hood cable

    where you located? i got a buddy who's junking a 95 4 door. i can get it all for close to free probably. only thing is, im a NEWB!!!!!!!!!!! AND...... i live in hawaii
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    93 explorer 4x4 project

    basically what happened was ,the fuse for the power windows/locks blew,the previous owners never cared to fix it because they had working a/c.. and they was too stupid to know what a fuse was and what it did lol then the a/c went out, so they forced the windows down and broke them, then ripped...
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    93 explorer 4x4 project

    its a 93 xlt 4x4.. 78k on the clock,im the 3rd owner. its a project/ daily driver. its missing a few interior pieces,the 4x4 dont work,only 1 power window works. i got it from some crack heads,so im basically fixing what them idiots ruined. overall its in good shape on the...
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    Transmission issues.

    mine did the same thing, i flushed the trans ,replaced the filter and now she drives great.
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    Well I believe its a head gasket

    id check the oil, if its "milk shake" color, then you know where its been going,if it is, i wouldnt run it anymore like that ! if its not going in the oil ,or out the exhuast, id let it run and search for the leak. gotta be going some where.
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    Need help

    mine is doing something similar.. but mine has been sitting 9 months with stale gas.. mine sounds like it has a missfire, and it has a slight popping sound coming from the exhaust pipe, occasionally the motor will rock around but not that bad.. i havent realy looking in to it yet, i plan to do...
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    Cant Figure Out Overheating

    sounds like a bad radiator. my old one did the same thing.. while driving it was fine, the air rushing on the radiator kept cool, sitting in traffic itd start to overheat, once moving again ,the temp would drop..
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    Violent Shake when pulling away from a stop.

    on a old explorer i had , i think it was the radius arm bushings, it would shake real bad when taking off and coming to a stop, drove great once i was going. good luck.
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    another new guy

    hopefully i dont get flamed for my username lol .. name is matt, im 22 , live in hawaii, used to be in the army 63B. im a mechanic and carpenter. i play with big boy toys on my spare time. i like pretty much all 4x4's. chevy S10's, blazers,ford rangers,bronco's,explorers,F150's, dodge ram...