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    A low from Alberta

    What headers are you using? I have tri-y headers and there is plenty of clearance.
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    A low from Alberta

    My 5.0 has a stock shortblock and cam with a set of aftermarket heads and 1.7 Rockers. You will want to do a c-notch, but it wil include cutting the floor to gain more clearance. I was never impressed with the handling. I was much happier when I had the setup in my ranger. Wasn't quite as...
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    A low from Alberta

    I lowered my BII and put a 5.0/T5 in it about four years ago. Looked at using ranger beams to lower it, but the only real way to do that would have been swapping the crossmemember. Ended up buyin BII dropped beams. The back was a little more tricky since the flip put the axle against the frame...