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    Codes - P0420 and P0430 - trying Cataclean first

    Best Solution For P0420 And P0430 Codes
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    Confirmed: Some Exhaust in Cabin when Acceleration issue is From the Front

    Check This
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    Engine Change List 3.5 NA And EcoBoost

    Hello People Is there any way to see the changes of the engines per year? example: NA Engine 2011 Engine Used MAF SENSOR 2016 Engine Used MAP SENSOR EcoBoost 3.5 2013 Engine Cover Aluminum PCV System With Baffle 2015 o 2016 Engine Cover Plastic PCV System Without Baffle
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    2013 Sport - do I have a "PTU with cooler"?

    PTU With Cooler Work With Coolant Hose, Only Need Is Send A PIC For For You PTU Unit
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    How to: PTU Oil Change (Tons of Pics) 2016 Explorer Sport This is a very good article about PTU change list
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    New personal best and 1/4-mile World Record

    This Is Very Fast For SUV FWD BIAS, Got Better 60ft And 11 Secs List.!!! Awesome Project, Factory Transmission? ATC Coupling Is Billet? I See You Post Next Upgrade About This.!
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    Adding gauges to 3.5 Ecoboost

    this maybe only work for 2011-2015 in 2017 many PID not working
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    2017 explorer 2.3 boost pressure

    Used TorquePro To See Boost Pressure (In My EB 3.5) Max PSI 11 +/- In Cold Weather 12.2 Wastegate Are Control By VSV Sensor (Vacuum Switching Valve)
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    Vct or vvt gasket replacement

    You Only Need VCT Gasket, Please Check This Sites Input You Vin Code And (In Search Section Write Gasket) You Will Get A Photo In The Form Of A Diagram And Look 2 VCT Gasket
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    Mishimoto's Explorer ST Catch Can Thread

    Holy.. S.. Oil Can Catch Is Really Necessary
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    Swapped transmission > speedo is off

    3.16 For Sport and Platinum (6F55) 3.39 NA Explorer FWD (6F50) 3.65 NA Explorer AWD (6F50) / (6F55 Class III Trailer Tow Package) 3.36 / 3.51 Only Ford 4Cyl EcoBoost (6F35) (6F55 Heavy Duty Transmission) (6F50 Std Transmission) (6F35 Only 4Cyl)
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    2018 PIU 3.5 eco boost Engine noise

    This a normal sound engine for vehicles with GDI (Direct Injection)
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    Livernois error codes?

    I Have Explorer 2017 Sport I Following In You Web Very Good Articles, I Have A Question, What Tuning Do You Recommend From Your Own Experience I Always See Livernois Very Simple Compared To Others
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    2016 Sport vs. Platinum Suspension - Any Difference?

    Do you find? exacts parts for sport 2016?
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    Adding gauges to 3.5 Ecoboost

    do you have custom PID in Torque Pro? For Ecoboost Engine?
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    3.5L Ecoboost Owners - What MPG are you getting?

    I have EX Sport 17 Always running 35 psi all tires 90% city drive, avg 15.7 ~ 17.1 hand calculator for my very happy in hwy 20 ~23 mpg throttle consistency is a big factor, i have question active shutter grille in hwy, close over 60 mph?
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    Say Hello to EcoHell..

    Post Dyno :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    3.5l Ecoboost vs Raptor 3.5l Ecoboost

    All New Ecoboost Have Dual VTC Old Gen Only Have In Intake Side
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    3.5 NA reliability

    120,000 Miles Here (192,000KM) (XLT 2012 AWD) No Problems For Now Only Change: Spark Plugs Serpentine Belt and Tensioner Transmission Fluid (In 2 Stage) First 4qt And One Week After 4qt More (No Flush) No Coolants Issue I Think The Water Pump Is Fine My Worries Are: Water Pump And PTU Unit...